Oct 19, 2010

She's Moving On Up

Sara Madalin moved up to another class at daycare this week. She said good-bye to Candace and Mrs. Trish last Monday before we left for vacation. Then this Monday, she said hello to Ms. Sheila. Reagan and I both dropped her off so that we could meet the new teacher and talk to her about some of the quirks of our little girl. You know, like how she likes for me to pat her until she drifts off to sleep. How she's still potty training and will some times tell me when she has to go, but not usually. How many other children do you know that come with a set of disclaimers? Anyway, she was pretty excited about going into her new classroom.

One thing that is great about the move is that Charlie is in her class again. You might remember the post about her excitement to see him a few weeks ago. Reagan said it was just as exciting to her this morning when she saw him. Reagan said it was if he was no longer there as soon as she saw Charlie. He's her buddy.

She's obviously enjoying herself. When I picked her up today, she had a partial marker mustache drawn on her upper lip. And she was quite proud of it.

What in the world am I gonna do with that girl?

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Jana said...

The picture of you and her, it looks like she is holding your hand to say Mommy its ok I am just going to a big girl class room!!