Oct 10, 2010

Where The Rubber Meets the Road

Friday morning Sara Madalin and I were rushing around trying to make it to Kindermusik on time. When I we got in the car, with just moments to spare before being late (again), I had a message on my car's dash that my front left tire had low air pressure. So, I stopped by a gas station on the way to class and checked the pressure. The gage I used said my pressure was fine. And off we went to class.

Throughout the day, I continued to see the low pressure message, and I continued to check my tire at a couple different gas stations. Each time the gage said my tire pressure was fine. Then, around 2:00 in the afternoon, I was stopped in traffic. As traffic cleared and we started going a little faster, I heard an awful noise. I pulled into the nearest gas station, got out and saw that I had a flat tire. But not the front, left tire. It was the BACK, left tire. I called Reagan and he came to fix it for us. About half-way though him changing the tire I remembered, "Oh, I need to take a few pictures." Ha.

Sara Madalin slept pretty much the whole time. She had fallen asleep about 30 minutes before I realized we had a flat, and continued to do so even after we stopped and Reagan arrived to change the flat.

After he changed the flat, we took it to the dealership to have a new one put on the car. They said that what appears to have happened was that when they rotated my tires last time, the sensor for the tires "lost its memory" and "thought" the tire was still on the front of the car, when actually it had been moved to the back. So, in the future when I have a low tire pressure message, I'm supposed to check ALL tires, not just the one that is showing low pressure. We're just glad I didn't have a blow out that resulted in a wreck. And we're also glad that Sara Madalin got her nap out. :-)

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