Nov 19, 2010

And Her Indian Name Would Be "Rises Before the Sun"

There was a note in Sara Madalin's bag earlier this week that today the students at her daycare would be celebrating "Early American's Day" and that the kids could dress like early Americans if they chose. First, I've never heard of that holiday. Second, we don't have any such costumes lying around our house that depict anything early American. So, I decided I'd send her in a t-shirt with a turkey on it and a pair of jeans.

But as the day of the "celebration" approached, I thought, "This might be the only time I'll ever get to dress a child for Early Americans' Day. How can I let this opportunity pass by?" So Wednesday, I did what any first time mother who has a total of about two hours of her entire week's busy schedule to make a costume would do... I Googled "Indian Costume Instructions." Now, I know that "Indians" is not the politically correct term, but I was pretty sure I'd have better chances of finding what I was looking for by typing that rather than "Early Americans' Day costumes." I found several little "how to" sites and decided, "You know what, I can do this. I'm going to make my baby an 'Early American' costume." And I'm so glad I did. Cause look at her this morning before we took her to school.

Is she not the cutest thing? That's an old t-shirt of mine. I cut the neckband out and cut the sleeves and bottom to look like fringe. I threaded and tied beads to the sleeve fringe. Then, with a rubber stamp and some ink I purchased at Hobby Lobby, I stamped some leaves and suns on the "dress." I cut out some felt triangles and hot glued them around the neckline. The little belt and pouch are actually a little leather purse that Ms. Lynn Tew brought her back from a cruise she went on earlier this year. The head-dress is construction paper, felt, more stamps, and feathers I picked up at Hobby Lobby. I also hot glued some more of the beads on it. And you can see I added her a couple braids to the sides. (That was the funniest part of it to me.) She LOVED the head dress. Last night I tried it on her to make sure I hot glued it closed at the right place. When I put it on her head after I finished it, she said, "I keep it," and started to turn and walk away. I said, "No ma'am. Mommy will keep it until tomorrow morning."

Here's a picture of me and my little Indian princess this morning before taking her to school.

And with her Daddy.

When we got to school, we stopped by to see Mrs. Trish and Candace. They thought she was so cute and got a few kisses from her before we headed over to Sheila's class.

A few other children dressed up as well - as both Indians and pilgrims. This is a little girl that we saw in the hall.

She was the only one in her class that dressed up. But that's ok. She loved her costume and didn't think a thing about the other kids being dressed in regular clothes.

Look at Charlie in that picture above. Is it not obvious that those two are the characters in the class? When we came in, he went right for the head-dress. He was trying to take the beads off and trying to pull on the little braids. After the picture, I made sure I took it off her and told her she could have it back when she got home.

I love that little girl and I love all the Mommy things I get to do because of her. Happy "Early Americans' Day" from us and our Princess Rises Before the Sun.

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Carrie said...

She is the cutest Indian I ever saw, Malinda! Great job on the costume.

Kelli said...

Great job on the costume! She is so stinking cute!!

sara said...

That is adorable!! You did awesome!! And now, she has it to play with!

Amber said...

Aren't you glad you made that precious costume now? ;) She looks ADORABLE! She is so stinking cute!

Jana said...

I am so impressed with you! Good job on the costume, but of course the cute little girl wearing really is what makes the costume!!!

Penny said...

Now go buy her the Disney Pocahantas movie. Good job, Malinda. Too cute!

Amanda said...


Regina and David said...

you did a great job on her outfit. It looks really cute on her!