Nov 6, 2010

Final Day of Fall Kindermusik

Friday was our final Fall Kindermusik class. We missed one week because of our trip to Disney, another week because our instructor had to be away, and then, last week, because SM had her Halloween party at daycare. But the girls still had a great time together for their last class, as if they'd never missed a day.

Here is Sara Madalin and a couple of the girls in her class, along with Mrs. Robin. They were listening to music on a toy record player. You can also see that old Jack-in-the-box. Every class after our first one (when she got so 'cared of him), when I would pull into the church parking lot, she would tell me, "Mommy, Jack Box pop!"

I don't have many pictures of SM from Friday's class. One, she was running around so much I couldn't get a still shot, and two, I had to take her out of the class room at least twice because she was acting up. She REALLY needs a younger sibling. She can't seem to grasp the concept of sharing. So, she had to be taken out for not sharing. Then, I also had to take her out because she threw a fit over something either I or Mrs. Robin was trying to get her to do. So, not many pictures of that "angel" at class this past week.

But I do have one of her pouring tea. She loves to "help" and she was helping Friday by pouring tea for everyone. She's also very much into pretending right now. I love seeing her pretend.

Finally, it was bubble time. That is her favorite time. She jumps and dances around. She's so funny. In this next picture she is trying to pop bubbles with her elbow.

Mrs. Robin would tell them to pop the bubbles with a different part of their body and SM would do her best to obey. Funny how that works. She'll obey when her teacher tells her, "Pop the bubbles with your nose." But she completely ignores her mother when I tell her, "Don't take that toy from Hayden. She's playing with it right now."

I think she really enjoyed the class. She loves music. When she's in her bedroom playing, she wants me to turn her CD player on. And, of course, we sing at night. I've also caught her singing to herself many times. I love that she enjoys music so much. I pray God uses it in her life to learn and draw closer to him. And I hope we are able to enjoy another Kindermusik class in the Spring.

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Paige said...

Love all the pictures! She look so pretty in blue. Hope you have a great week!

Jessica said...

Hello! You don't know me but I read your blog all the time! SM is always dressed so cute! Can you tell me where you got her dress? I love the simplicity of it with those tights!