Nov 17, 2010

I Go Night-Night Mommy Bed

Sara Madalin has never really been one to want to sleep with us. When she was a baby, I'd put her in our bed in the early mornings and she'd sleep for a little while. But once she started sleeping in her big girl bed, she never really wanted to sleep in ours - AT ALL. And she doesn't want anyone to sleep in her bed. Until recently.

In the past couple months, she has started wanting me to lie down with her in her bed until she falls asleep at night. After her book and our singing, she'll tell me, "Lay down my bed Mommy." And I usually do until she's either asleep or almost asleep. I kind of like it.

Well, in the past couple weeks, she's started getting up in the early morning and coming into our room and getting in the bed with us and going back to sleep. Usually she goes back to sleep. There have been a few mornings when she'll come in around 6:00 or 6:30 and not go back to sleep at all. But most mornings, she'll come through the door and put her arms up for me to put her in the bed between us. She sometimes wakes up and stays in her room until we come get her. When we get in there, she'll say, "I go night night Mommy bed." And of course I scoop her up and carry all 3+ feet of her to my bed. (She is so tall I don't know what I'm going to do.) She likes to cuddle up right next to my back. It's so warm and I LOVE it. Reagan kind of gets the bad end of the stick in the whole deal. She doesn't really cuddle up next to him. She tries to bury her feet underneath him. And he said she doesn't stop once she's burrowed up under him. She then pulls her feet back out and starts prying her feet back underneath him again and continues this until she falls asleep. Bless his heart.

Tuesday morning she came in and went back to sleep with us. Since I didn't have to go to work, and it was Reagan's day to go in later, we all slept a little later than usual. She even kept sleeping after we got up. Reagan went in to take a bath and I turned the lights on and started pressing his clothes for the day. She kept right on sleeping. I went and grabbed my camera and took this next picture.

And still she slept. Reagan said it's probably because of the Temperpedic pillow and mattress. Um, yeah, I'm pretty sure that's what it is.

She slept until we both couldn't stand it anymore and started kissing on her. Who wouldn't? She looked so sweet. She finally woke up and was in a great mood. That's one way we always know whether she's gotten enough sleep or not, how she acts as we're getting her ready for the day. And usually when she spends a little time in Mommy's bed, she wakes up pretty happy.

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I LOVE moments like that! thanks for sharing. Amy @ ...I am now following you.