Nov 15, 2010


Our weekend started Friday afternoon with Sara Madalin and I traveling to Simpson county to pick up my Daddy. Our original plan was to visit my sister and her family this weekend. We were going to take him with us. But we postponed that trip for a few weeks so that we can all attend my nephew's birthday party in December. We still wanted to let Sara Madalin see her Papaw, so he spent the night with us. We didn't do anything exciting. We just went to eat a little Mexican food and came home so that he could enjoy the pass-time that is our life currently - watching DORA! SM would not let us watch anything else. That is, until I found Garfield on Netflix. She actually sat and watched that for about 30 minutes until it was time for her to go to bed.

Saturday morning, Reagan and Sara Madalin took Daddy home while I stayed at our house and worked on some of the 10 (yes, TEN!) journal articles I have due Monday night. I got the majority of that work done while they were gone. We spent the afternoon around the house. SM went outside with Reagan and played while he did a few projects outside. She loves to be outside.

Saturday night, we decided that, while we had the time, we'd visit Sam's to pick up some things for the holidays. This year, for the first time in our 14 years of marriage, Thanksgiving lunch will be at our house. Am I nervous about that? Probably not as much as my in-laws should be. Ha. Anyway, we picked up a few things there in preparation for Thanksgiving and Christmas then headed home.

Oh, and before we went to Sam's, we ate at O'Charley's. SM LOVES the rolls. That's about all she ate. Here's a picture of us as we waited for our food. If you look real closely, you can see she's got her mouth full of roll.

Sunday we went to church. I think I speak for our whole family when I say we love our church. We enjoy the fellowship and teaching in Sunday school. We have enjoyed meeting new people. And we absolutely love the worship and preaching. Sunday was the kick-off for this year's Lottie Moon giving campaign. At the beginning of service all the flags were marched in representing countries where IMB missionaries currently serve. It was quite a site. Reagan and I are so thankful to be part of a congregation that placing such a great emphasis on missions - both local and foreign. My prayer for the upcoming year is that we would find a place of service in the area of missions. With all the opportunities that our pastor spoke of Sunday morning and evening, I think that we'll have no problem doing that.

After morning service, we went down to the nursery to get Sara Madalin. As we were walking out to the lobby, I asked her, "Who do you think is waiting for you?" She said, "Mitch." I said, "Who else?" thinking that she would say Sue-Sue or Dae-Dae. She said, "Mall-wee (Mallory)!" Mallory is Mitch's girlfriend. She attends another church and we haven't seen her in weeks. We hadn't even mentioned her. But, of all days, she was there. SM didn't even know it when she said a few minutes earlier that she was going to see Mallory. So, when we walked out of the nursery and saw her standing there, I put Sara Madalin down and she ran to Mallory. She went right past Mitch and Susan. I think it hurt Mitch's feelings a little bit. Here's a picture of her with "Mall-wee." Think she was excited about seeing her?

We had lunch with them, took a 2 1/2 hour nap, then headed back to church for the evening. We actually let her go to big church with us Sunday night. She did fine as long as there was singing. Then, our pastor told us to take out our Bibles and turn to the scripture from which he was preaching. She grabbed a pew Bible and hugged it to her and said, "Bible Mommy." Then she reached up in the pew pocket for a pencil and tried to write in the Bible. We kept telling her no. It was all down hill from there. Reagan ended up taking her to the nursery. But I have to say, she did last longer than we had expected.

Our weekend was good and we look forward to another great one coming up. We are excited about plans with great, FUN friends. But, before we can get to that, I've got to get past a few little things going on this week. We love our busy little life.

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Laura said...

O"Charley's is one of our favorite family restaurants, too! Kids eat free! And I love the southern fried chicken salad. We ALL love the rolls!