Nov 30, 2010

Smile! It increases your face value.

Reagan and I went out of town for a couple days this past weekend. And no, we didn't go to Disney. A couple of my friends who think they are comedians asked if that was where we were going for our anniversary this year. I guess maybe you've been a few too many times when people start to automatically assume that is where you are when they can't find you at home for a few days.

We decided to visit a little town in Louisiana called Natchitoches (pronounced Nah-kah-tish). It's where the movie "Steel Magnolias" was filmed. As a matter of fact, we stayed in the home where much of the movie was set.

At the time that the movie was filmed, this was a private residence. The owners, the Taylors, said they lost pretty much all their privacy once the movie was released and people knew this was the setting for Shelby and Jackson's wedding reception, among other scenes. They decided to sell the house and the current owners have made it into a B&B.

We stayed in the "Jackson Room." It was Shelby's (Julia Roberts) room in the movie. That window to the left of the fireplace is the one that Jackson (Dylan McDermott) climbed in on the day of their wedding. The room and the bathroom have been changed and remodeled somewhat since the movie, but those curtains - same ones from the movie.

This is the entrance that you see in several scenes in the movie. During one of the opening scenes you see Shelby coming down these stairs complaining about the color of her nail polish. Then, later, you see M'Lynn hide Drum's gun in that small chest of drawers in front of the opened door.

The common room of the B&B was used in the movie for a few scenes as well. After Shelby complains about her nail polish, you see her going back up these stairs to finish getting ready. This is also the room where the family plays "Go Fish" for body parts right before the kidney transplant.

We also got to visit the town's Festival of Lights. There is a scene in the movie where the characters are at the Festival. The town is pretty much known for their fireworks and light show at Christmas.

The town is situated on what was once the Cane River, but is now a lake. That's why you see the reflection of the lights in water. Everything is set up on the bank of the lake.

There's also a fireworks show that we got to see. It was really pretty - and LOUD.

Another thing that is popular in the area is what they call meat pies. I've never heard of such, but evidently it's a big deal in Louisiana. Reagan tried one while we waited for the fireworks show. I tasted a bite. It's seasoned meat fried in what appears to be a pie crust. He really enjoyed it.

I really enjoyed hearing about the celebrities and the history of the house. We also met a number of nice people as we sat around the breakfast table both mornings we were there. It was nice, and important for us to get away alone together for a couple days. We missed Sara Madalin, but we do enjoy spending time alone together when we can.

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Erica @ All About Aleigha said...

So glad you had fun. We live in Shreveport, about an hour north of Natchitoches and we go every year for the lights & fireworks. We show the Steel Magnoia house to everyone we take down there!

Ashley said...

How fun! I am obsessed with that movie!

Regina and David said...

sounds like a cool place and that you had a fun time. I bet the firework show made you feel like you were at "that other place". I won't mention it, but we all know where, lol.

Casey said...

That seems like so much fuN!

Penny said...

I've been once~ years ago~ and we loved it! Wish we could have stayed in the "Steel Magnolias" house. My youngest daughter is named Shelbi. I picked her name after that movie and Larry liked it because of the Mustang. lol

Ashlee McCrary said...

That's so cool yall stayed in the house from the movie! I love that movie & always wanted a pink wedding like Shelby's! Ha!