Nov 29, 2010

Spoiled at Sue-Sue's

This past weekend Sara Madalin got to spend some time with her Aunt Susan, Uncle David and Mitch. Sue-Sue knew that one of Sara Madalin's favorite things to do is paint, so she made sure that she had all the supplies they needed to paint some pretty pictures. She even made a smock out of a pillowcase so Sara Madalin wouldn't mess up her clothes.

It looks like things may have gotten a little messy.

I can hear her saying, "Uh-oh."

I think she and Dae-Dae and Mitch watched a little TV, especially Saturday during that little game between those Mississippi teams. We won't talk about that though.

Here she and Mitch and Scooby are watching TV. I think Scooby was relieved when she left Sunday afternoon. From what I understand, she tries his poor nerves.

And Sue-Sue made sure to take a photo of her for me dressed for church Sunday. When we were pulling away from Susan's Sunday evening, she said to me, "I go Sue-Sue's car. I go to church."

Susan said she was a really sweet girl this past weekend. She did ask a few times, "Where my Mommy?" And Susan would tell her that Mommy and Daddy were gone for a few days. Then SM asked, "What her doing?" Susan said she told her we were playing and she said, "Oh, ok." We were glad to get away for some alone time, but we sure did miss our spoiled little girl.

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Ashley said...

She is too cute! Love those curls!