Nov 9, 2010

Visit With Mamaw and Papaw

Monday evening Reagan went to a funeral visitation in Brookhaven. The father of one of his college roommates passed away Saturday morning. I was in class, which meant Sara Madalin had to go with him. He knew Sara Madalin wouldn't be able to behave during a visit to the funeral home, so he dropped her off for a visit with his parents.

She talked about it from the time she got up Monday morning until they left Monday evening. She was ready to see her Papaw and Mamaw. Reagan said that before they left, she asked if Papaw would have any suckers. Well...

I think they had a great time together. Reagan said that she helped him walk Sam. Then he played his fiddle for her some. She loves that. And I think she and Mamaw ate a little more candy.

I'm so glad that she got to spend a little time with them. They adore this little girl and next to her Daddy, I think Papaw is her number one guy.

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Casey said...

aww, what a special day

sara said...

How very sweet! Grandparents always have suckers, don't they??