Nov 8, 2010

The Weekend

Our weekend was pretty un-eventful. Friday night our the married ministry at our church sponsored a date night. They offered child care for a small fee to allow parents of preschool and school-aged children an opportunity to spend time alone together. Reagan and I dropped Sara Madalin off a little later than most of the children because Reagan didn't get off work until around 6:00. When I took her into the classroom, they were beginning a painting project. Painting is one of her most favorite things in the whole world. Once she saw what they were doing, I could barely get her to acknowledge me to tell me good-bye.

Saturday, we worked on a few things around the house. We tried to visit Santa at Bass Pro Shop that evening, but the wait was 1 1/2 - 2 hours. There was no way Sara Madalin could have waited that long. So, instead we just went to eat.

I don't think I took one picture all weekend. But I did ask Reagan to take this next picture for me Sunday night.

This is part of our nightly routine. She loves for me to read to her. I can't get her to go to bed without a book. I'm glad she enjoys it. I'm a reader and always have been. And we can tell it has given her a great vocabulary, as well as helped her to already recognize several letters in the alphabet and numbers. And I enjoy lying there next to her and spending the time with her. It's a memory I wanted to have a photo of.

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