Nov 22, 2010

Welcome to the Circus!

As I mentioned in my last post, we spent the weekend with friends. We all reconnected recently and the guys - Reagan, Tracey, and Scott - started planning earlier this year for all of us to get together. With three very active families, it has been difficult to get a weekend scheduled that we could all meet up. We had planned to actually get together a month or so ago, and at the last minute, some of the kids got sick. So we rescheduled and finally worked out and we headed to Tracey and Julie's house Friday afternoon.

We all got there around 4:00, the weather was pretty good, and so we decided to hang around outside and let the kids play for a while. We had 5 kids all together. They were soon joined by some other neighborhood kids. And on top of that, some of the older "boys" act like kids from time to time.

So, you can almost imagine the chaos and noise that surrounded us. One of Tracey and Julie's neighbors was out walking her dogs and she stopped by to say hello. She said to Julie, "Wow, it is like a 3-ring circus around here." Yeah, a little.

One of the cutest things of the weekend was Sara Madalin and Grant riding around in his Jeep.

He is almost 4-years-old and as full of spunk and personality as SM. They got in that thing and he hit the pedal and out the garage they flew. He was not stopping for anyone. I know because he almost ran me over. I was worried about the safety of my sweet little baby, but he was on the move. As you can tell by the look on her face, she LOVED it. She would hold on like that and rock back and forth like she was trying to make it go faster. They rode and rode.

This is Sara Madalin with Scott and Reagan S.'s daughter, Avery.

She is 4 and was the quietest person in the entire house all weekend. I hope the other kids didn't traumatize her. She is just so mild mannered. Aren't they so cute?

It didn't take everyone long to make themselves at home, especially our girl. She walked in and found Grant's room and that's pretty much where she could be found for the rest of the weekend. I said, "pretty much." She did venture from there a few times. We found her in Tracey and Julie's room once. Then, I think Reagan found her in the laundry room another time we got to missing her. And, then, there was the time during dinner Friday night that I found her hiding in a closet upstairs behind clothes playing. But the time that solidified her being the most mischievous of the group was while the adults were eating dinner and I got up to check on her. Tracey had started a movie in the den for all the kids to watch. All the other kids were watching it, even Grant. SM wasn't in there. I looked in Grant's room. She wasn't in there. Then I realized I heard water running. The door to his bathroom was closed. I opened it and there she stood - up on a stool with a water pitcher under the sink faucet, filling it with water. I'm not sure what she intended to do with the water, but she never got a chance to carry out those plans. I dumped the water and told her she was to stay out of that bathroom or she was going to get a spanking and be taken to bed. She is something else!

Saturday morning the boys kept the kids and the three of us girls went shopping and to lunch. We had a great time. But all we could talk about was, "I wonder how the kids are doing. I wonder if everyone is ok." We were so thankful for those men keeping the kids and letting us go have some girl time. When we got back, the guys had worn the kids out and we all laid down and napped while the guys went to the Apple store, Best Buy, and a sporting goods store. They made it back in time for dinner. We had grilled fish that Scott had caught a few weeks ago.

Here are a few more photos from the weekend. This is SM in one of her sweet moments of the weekend, letting Mrs. Julie read her a book Saturday night.

Here's Grant Saturday while the ladies were gone. I'm not sure which of the men took this picture, but doesn't he look like a ladies' man here?

He is a mess just like Sara Madalin. They got along great. When I picked her up from nursery Sunday after morning church service, the first thing she said to me was, "Where Grant?"

And here is one last weekend shot of my girl. She's sitting at the piano in Julie's foyer. That piano was a HUGE hit with the kids. Not so much with the parents.

Sunday morning we all went to worship service together at Tracey and Julie's church. I think we all really enjoyed it. I said to Reagan later how sweet it was to worship with those two families after all this time. Reagan has known those guys for over 20 years and to spend such a fun, exhausting, LOUD weekend with them was great. We hated to leave and we hope we can all get together again soon.
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Regina and David said...

the picture of that little boy is laugh out loud funny! I bet his wife will love that one day, ha.

That last picture of Sara Madalin is very pretty!