Nov 3, 2010

What I'm Loving Wednesday - Conversations With My Girl

Sara Madalin has really started carrying on conversations with us lately. It's almost like one week she went from baby talk to the next week making complete sentences (or her version of it). And she LOVES to talk. She has a few minutes in the morning, when she first wakes up, where she likes to just cuddle and be quiet. But then, once she's awake, the questions start. Here are some of her typical questions/sentences throughout the past few days.

"Mommy go work?"

"Daddy, I want see-ral. In bowl."

"I want kickers (stickers) Mommy."

"I play (in) my room."

A week or so ago she did something that really upset me. I had told her to stop what she was doing. I had counted her (see "1-2-3 Magic! for Christian Parents") and put her in time out. SEVERAL TIMES. And she kept misbehaving. So, finally I did something that we try NOT to do, I talked to her. I don't mean we don't usually talk to her when she misbehaves. But we try not to talk to her like a little adult. I wouldn't say I tried to reason with her, but I did try to get her to understand why she should stop doing what she was doing. I told her Mommy was trying to get her to stop what she was doing because if she kept doing it, it would hurt her, and that would make Mommy sad. I said, "When you can sit for a few minutes on your rug and calm down, I want you to tell Mommy you are sorry. Then you can get up." She stopped doing what she wasn't supposed to be doing, she looked at me, and said, "Sorry Mommy." Now for the past week, after she's been punished (not every time, but several times), she will say to me at the end of her time out, "Sorry Mommy." Melts. My. Heart.

"Get you, Mommy!" (She likes for me to tickle her. And sometimes I say, "I'm gonna get you!" When she wants me to tickle her, she'll say, "Get you, Mommy!")

"I go kick-kick Mommy?" or "I go church?"

And she still remembers Amandah's visit a few weeks ago. My sister Brandi called earlier this week. When I told Sara Madalin it was Aunt Brandi on the phone, she looked at me and said, "Baby cry."

"I go Mommy's car."

Upon coming into the house and seeing a new mirror I bought for the den, "Oh, Mommy, dat cute!" (Proof yet again, she is my girl.)

Overheard by us as she played in her room, "Oh. My. Goo-ness!" After which, we both ran to her room to see if she had taken off a dirty pull-up again. But, usually, when she does that, we also hear, "Dat nassy!" Or we see her running to her bathroom, nude, and pull out a towel from under her cabinet. We made her do that once - get a towel and clean up where she had wet the floor. We wanted her to know, if she was going to wet on the floor, she was going to clean it up. Since then, she doesn't even come get us, she just goes to get a towel and says, "I keen up." What I want to know is, if she knows she has to go, then pulls off her underwear, THEN wets on the floor, why can't she walk 5 extra steps to her potty and go there?

"I help Momma." The only time she calls me Momma is when she wants to "help" me. All the other times, I'm "Mommy." She likes to help me unload the dishwasher. I let her hand me the silverware as I put it into the drawer. And she likes to help me transfer clothes from the washing machine to the dryer. When she hears me at either place, she comes running. "I help Momma."

"My nose runnin'."

"Swiper 'care me Mommy." (Swiper from "Doe-rah" scares her. I'm not sure why.)

Then, as I put her to bed at night, we have the sweetest conversations. We read a couple books. Then we have to gather all the stuffed animals and baby dolls. And finally, she says to me, "Mommy sing." And every night I ask her, "What do you want Mommy to sing?" "Sing, 'Jesus.'" That's her title for "Jesus Loves Me." That's the first song she ever asked for my name. I sang it to her from the time she was born. Reagan said to me one day, "Can you sing something else sometimes?" I said, "But I want her to learn this song." And she did.

Some of her other favorites that she asks for are, "Moon and Stars," or "He's Still Working on Me." You know, "It took Him just a week to make the MOON AND THE STARS... The Sun and the Earth and Jupiter and Mars." Or we sing, "Whole World His Hands." Or, "He's Got the Whole World in His Hands." I think singing before she goes to sleep is my favorite part of each day. As I sing, I'm also instructed to "Pat me, Mommy. Kickle (tickle) my arm."

I miss that little baby I see in the pictures many times. But I dearly love this little girl that can communicate so well with us now. She amazes us every day with how quickly she learns and remembers the things she's learning. I can't wait to see who she becomes. Whatever it is, she's going to make sure her voice is heard.

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Penny said...

I love those kinds of conversations. :) I love when my 20 month old grandson comes up to me and says, "Uff you." (Love you.) I especially love it when he says it on his own. They are so precious.