Dec 12, 2010

Breakfast and Play Date with Matthew

One thing that Reagan and I have prayed for over the past year or so is that God would bring people into our lives, and Sara Madalin's life, that would help us all grow spiritually. We also prayed to meet other couples that were close to our age, with children Sara Madalin's age, that we could relate to. To be quite honest, most of the couples we know were either our age, or had children Sara Madalin's age, but not usually both. We've quickly learned that parenting is sometimes stressful and difficult. We knew early on that we would need friends we could talk to who were going through similar stages as us. We prayed that God would bring us people - real, live people we could sit down and have a conversation with :-)- like that. Not that we expect someone else to have all the answers to discipline questions and concerns, but just to have someone we can talk to who can say, "Yeah, we are right there with you." Or, "I can relate to that. And this is how we handle it."

One way that we've seen God begin to answer those prayers is through Sunday school and discipleship classes that we've been able to attend. I seriously don't know what we would do sometimes without friendships and relationships that are developed through these small group Bible study settings. God has used these to not only grow us spiritually, but encourage us through seeing and meeting others who are in the same stage of life as us. In our last discipleship class, Boundaries with Kids, we met several other parents who have children Sara Madalin's age. In that class I met a sweet new friend, Amy. She and her husband, Brad, are in a different Sunday school class than us, but we've seen them in worship and in our discipleship classes. They have a little boy, Matthew, who is a few months older than Sara Madalin. Amy and I talked a few weeks ago about getting together with SM and Matthew and letting them play together. This past Friday, we finally got to do that.

Sara Madalin and I met them at one of our favorite local restaurants for breakfast. Afterwards, we headed over to the wildlife and natural science museum. Amy is a veterinarian by degree. I didn't know until we got to the museum that she had actually done an internship there before receiving her degree. Whereas, I would say to SM, "Look at this fish," Amy could tell us the proper name and tell us where in MS that fish could be found. She was pretty handy to have around. It was like having Reagan there with me, only Amy is a female, and about 8 1/2 months pregnant. But the intelligence and teaching side of her personality - very much like Reagan.

Anyway, Matthew and Sara Madalin seemed to enjoy looking at all the fish, turtles, alligators, and snakes. Oh, how they both loved the snakes. Sara Madalin watches Dora pretty regularly, and on Dora sometimes they have to avoid snakes. I don't know the whole plot behind this, but I do remember vaguely hearing something about snakes. Anyway (again), she has started telling us that, "Snake scare me." So, Reagan has told her that if she sees a snake to run and tell Mommy and Daddy. When we got to the snakes at the museum, the only running she did was right up to the glass to try and touch it. I hope she doesn't do that if she sees one in our yard.

She and Matthew also did a little bird watching.

And, of course the picture on the frog. Every child who visits the museum MUST have their photo taken on this frog. Aren't they sweet?

There's a little preschool room where they played for a while. It looks like a big tree with a slide and a little room underneath. She looked out the window and posed like this.

Reagan asked if I prompted her. I said no. I wanted to say, "Have you met your daughter? Do you think I have to tell her to pose?" She is perfectly capable of coming up with photographic moments all on her own. Of course, I didn't pose her. See...

There was an area that had butterfly wings and headbands made to look like butterfly or insect antennas (I think that's what they are called). She decided she'd wear hers as a pair of sunglasses while she played the "drums."

This next picture cracks me up. She has on the butterfly get-up as she's sliding. She's so funny.

She and I had a great time. Sara Madalin and Matthew played very well together and aside from a couple times of having to be counted, I think she did pretty well. I enjoyed visiting with Amy as well and look forward to being able to do it again soon.

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