Dec 25, 2010

Christmas Day 2010

Sara Madalin and her baby went to sleep pretty easily Christmas Eve night. She was tired, for one reason. The other was that I told her Santa wouldn't come until she was asleep. Actually, I'm pretty sure that last reason had little to nothing to do with her going to sleep. She still doesn't quite get the whole "Santa Claus is coming to town." But, nonetheless, she went to sleep. Isn't she sweet?

And just to be sure Santa came for him too, Daddy decided he'd get a little nap too.

Here's a photo of the tree after Santa came to visit Mommy and Daddy.

And Sara Madalin's gifts

She came running into our room at 6:30 Christmas morning. I told Reagan, "We might as well get up because she's wide awake." So, we went into the living room and she saw her gifts and started opening them. She got a bag of bath stuff because she loves to take a bath.

She also got some lip gloss. I have a video of her opening it and if I get a chance, I might upload it in the next couple days. It's funny.

She got a little trunk with dress-up stuff in it - costumes, shoes, jewelry and a couple crowns.

She also got several books and puzzles.

She also got a new chair that she can keep in the guest bedroom to sit in while she watches Dora.

After she finished opening her gifts, I cooked breakfast - monkey bread and scrambled eggs. Let me just tell you, this girl LOVES her some monkey bread. She ate it on and off all day.

After breakfast, we just sat around watching TV and letting her play with some of her toys. I fixed lunch - pork tender loin, green bean casserole, mashed potatoes, and crescent rolls. Then, again we just relaxed around the house. We were sitting and watching TV and I started smelling coconut. I knew I wasn't baking anything and wondered what it was. I looked over at Sara Madalin and she had both her pants legs pushed up above her knees. She had a tube of chap-stick, that Santa had left in her stocking, and she was digging her finger down into it, then rubbing it on her legs like lotion. Needless to say, she got escorted to the bath tub for her second bath of the day.

After her bath, we all climbed into our bed and took a long nap. Now, it's time to tackle the aftermath of Christmas. I'm trying really hard not to go ahead and take down all the decorations, as much as I want to. But one thing is clear, this house has to be cleaned or I'm going to have a nervous breakdown.

We've had a wonderful Christmas and are so blessed. God has been good to us and we are grateful for His blessings on us.

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The Glenn Gang said...

I'm the same way! I can't enjoy the day for taking breaks to make everyone clean up the mess. I'm sick!

Mom Daughter Style said...

i'm glad i found your blog. i've had fertility issues before although it did not take me 10 yrs to have my daughter.

great pictures. she is too adorable.

btw, I found your blog at mom blogger's club.
I hope you visit my blog too.

Priscila said...

that is the cutest post ever! look at her sweet happy face! Looks like you had a great Christmas!