Dec 25, 2010

Christmas Eve 2010

We all just got up from our Christmas day nap. Sara Madalin is watching Dora (of course) and Reagan and I are sitting on the couch enjoying a little quiet. I thought that I would go ahead and upload as many pictures as I can because I know my aunt and Nana will want to see what SM has been up to the past couple days.

Friday we went to have lunch with Reagan at the store. It was their Christmas lunch and since we had to eat anyway, I thought we might as well get a free meal where we could. The first person SM saw was Nee-Nee. Sara Madalin kept raising her shirt so Renee could tickle her.

Then B.B. came in and as far as Sara Madalin was concerned, she was the only person around. She nearly jumped out of Renee's arms to get to Mrs. Ann.

Everyone started opening gifts, so she thought she'd help a bit.

Then she got a little "canny" and visited with Jessica for a few minutes.

Then Scooter came in and said the blessing. And since I love to see my baby girl pray, I took a quick picture.

We enjoyed a great lunch with everyone at the store. Then we came home and took a little nap. After our nap we baked cookies for Santa.

She decided she'd taste a few just to be sure they were good enough for Santa. She only likes the chips, not the cookie. So she picked through the cookies for just the chocolate.

After we finished the cookies, and Daddy got home, we went to Sue-Sue's for chili. The chili was a little spicy for SM, so she had cheese, crackers, and little smokies instead. She really wanted the toothpicks more than the smokies, but she certainly enjoyed herself.

After we ate, she and Mitch played a little hide-n-seek. They were so funny.

She kept saying, "I hi-nin'!" She got under the computer desk and turned her head away. She thought no one could see her if she was facing the inside of the desk. She is so funny.

Then she opened a gift from Sue-Sue and Dae-Dae.

She got some accessories to take care of her baby.

She was funny feeding her baby in the high chair like Sue-Sue used for her when she was little.

She had a good time and was ready for bed when we got home. It's a good thing, because Santa was ready to come see this busy little girl.

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Regina and David said...

I enjoy the cookie more than the chips so she and I would work well together :-)

I also noticed Reagan's sticker. haha always a staple on Reagan.