Dec 11, 2010

Christmas Magic

Reagan was very sweet and took Sara Madalin out today to do a little Christmas shopping so that I could study for my final exam I have Monday. They went to several stores and spent pretty much the whole day out. As soon as they came home, she ran in to me and said, "You present outside." I looked at Reagan and he looked at her and said, "Baby, you weren't supposed to tell her." So much for secrets, huh? She just giggled and did a little dance of excitement, then came over and kissed me. It was so funny. And sweet.

He brought her home just in time for her to lie down ("in Mommy's bed") for a nap with me. While we napped, he went to the store to work on a few things he needed to do there. While he was there, it appears that he and Scooter were paid a visit by Santa.

I laughed out loud when he sent me that picture.

After he finished at the store, he came home for us and we went to eat, then rode around and looked at Christmas lights. Sara Madalin loved it. I wish I had videoed her. She was talking and saying things like, "Oh, look at dat Mommy. Oh, Mommy, angels." She was so excited. It is so neat to see her this year. She is really starting to "get" the magic of Christmas. I love seeing the excitement in her face and hearing it in her voice.

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