Dec 27, 2010

Christmas Morning Video

Here's a little video of Sara Madalin opening one of her gifts on Christmas morning. She is so funny. You'll hear her telling Taco, "No, no Taco!" Think she hears that herself very often?

All that lip gloss found its way into the trash by the end of the day.

She has taken no less than 6 baths in the last 3 days. And asked to take more. She loves a bath. I think we'll need to take a little trip to Bath & Bodyworks this week to re-stock her supply of bubble bath and soaps. She so spoiled.

She and I had a pretty relaxing day at home today. We watched D-D-D-D-D-Dora, cleaned up a little (very little), and rested a bit. I almost don't know what to do, not having to preparing lesson plans for classes. I may actually get a few things done around my house in the next couple weeks. Here's hoping.

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Regina and David said...

you know you were supposed to say "squeeze it really hard" and then she would have barely squeezed it, haha. lovin' the bed head she's sporting. looks like she had a fun Christmas.

Carrie said...

After watching this video, Malinda, all I can think is heaven help if we lived closer. I know our girls would hit it off in a big way! Allie Claire also got lip gloss for Christmas and after it got smeared all in our living rug it also found it's way to the trash! But aren't little girls so much fun (minus the drama!!!)