Dec 1, 2010

Christmas Open House

Tuesday night Sara Madalin, Mrs. Jackie, and I went to the Christmas Open House at the school that Sara Madalin will attend next Fall. We loaded SM and all her gear, and my camera, of course, and headed out to the party. We checked in and she was given a "neck-ace" with her name on it that she was to wear as she went to each of the activity rooms.

In the first room, she made a Christmas ornament. It was a construction paper Christmas tree with the school letters on it. The teacher helped Sara Madalin put glue on the letters on the tree. Then she handed SM two cut out red circles (ornaments for the construction paper tree) with the same letters on them as the tree. She was then instructed to place the letters on top of the same letter on the tree. I'm happy to report, she not only did that, but she was also able to tell us what sound each of the letters make. I wish I could take credit for that, but it's her Daddy and LeapFrog that have taught her letters and sounds. (And it's Kailan who taught her to say hello in Chinese. She walks around saying it all the time.) Here she is making her ornament.

The next room we went into was the Nativity scene room. In here, she could dress like Mary or Joseph and pose for pictures with baby Jesus in the nativity. This year I added her own nativity scene in her bedroom. It's a small Fisher Price scene that I placed on top of her dresser. I have a whole other post planned about that. But I will tell you, Baby Jesus gets a lot of action at our house. I keep putting him back in that manger, and yet, every time I go into her room to straighten up, he's never there. It's safe to say, he is her favorite. So, when we walked into the Nativity scene room, she went first to one of the smaller scenes.

Then she turned and saw the baby doll in the big manger scene and she made a bee-line for it.

I asked her who that was and she said with a grin, "Baby Jesus." Talk about a proud Mama - that was me. The teacher tried to put a scarf over her head so she could pretend to be Mary. She didn't so much like that. But she sure loved on that baby. She kissed him and held him as long as we let her.

(Did you notice that little red mark on her face? When I picked her up from daycare Tuesday that is what I saw. I almost started crying. All I could think was that she had this party later in the night and how it was going to ruin all her pictures. And I almost re-touched these pictures to cover it up. But I decided not to. It's one of those things that is just a mark of being a toddler and I want to remember the scratches and scars, just as much as the smiles and laughter. He teacher told me that she had been scratched by another child. The teacher felt bad because she said that Sara Madalin wasn't even doing anything to warrant it. She's been really good the past few weeks. Just some other kid walked over and scratched her. Not that it makes it ok, but I guess we all have bad days. Even the kid that scratched my beautiful little baby's face.)

After this room, she started catching on to the fact that she was doing something different in each room. So, as we left this room and headed to the next one, she said to me, "What next Mommy?" I thought that was sweet. I said, "I don't know. Let's go see."

In the next room she got to put a star sticker at the top of a nativity picture. The picture has magnets on the back and we're going to place it on her magnet board in her bedroom. Next, I changed her into her Christmas nightgown for photos with Santa. That's where Mrs. Jackie came in quite handy.

As we waited in line, she watched Santa and stuck pretty close to me. We had written on a card the things that she told me she wanted him to bring her for Christmas. She held it and watched him. Then, when it was her turn, she decided she wanted her mama. But Mrs. Jackie picked her up and said, "Come on, I'll go with you."

It took a few minutes, but she warmed up to him a little. She gave him her list: Candy, Cookies, Games, Books. That's what she told me to write.

Once we took a couple photos he gave her a candy cane. She suddenly loved her some Santa Claus. She didn't want to leave.

We did finally convince her that there were cookies in the next room and she told Santa bye-bye. She had lemonade and a little plate of snacks. Anyone want to guess what was eaten off this plate and what was not? I'll give you a hint, sugar is the only food group as far as she's concerned.

We made it to the last room and it was probably her favorite. It was the music room. The kids were jingling bells and dancing and singing. The music teacher was in there as well. The little ones took turns walking up to the mic and they would tell her what they wanted to sing. She'd play it on the piano and they would sing. They were having a ball.

Jackie and I laughed at her because once she realized she could go to the mic and sing, she pushed one of those bigger boys out of the way and took over. She didn't sing, she just wanted to be the one closest to the mic.

She did a little jingling and dancing as well.

She had a great time and did not want to leave. I don't know why I ever worry about her fitting in when she is introduced to new surroundings. She showed me at this event, she'll be just fine when she starts there next Fall. Now, as far as the other children are concerned, I'll probably need to go ahead and offer a blanket apology for her actions to all the parents on the first day of school.

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Penny said...

Scratch on her face or not, she is still beautiful! :)

Ashley said...

How fun! Don't you just love Christmas time!!!

Casey said...

What a great idea this school has! Way to go on knowing the sounds!

sara said...

How fun!! And that's a great way for her to be introduced to her new school. It's so good for them to be familair with where they are going. She is a doll!!