Dec 14, 2010

Festival of Lights - The Canton Version

If there's one thing we love, it's a reason to travel to Canton, MS (the movie capital of MS) for a good time. Before Sara Madalin was born, Reagan and I would go up there for the flea markets and Christmas lights festival. I even worked in the tourism office the Christmas before she was born. For the people of Canton, it is a HUGE deal. Sara Madalin loved it when we took her for her first Christmas. We were unable to fit a visit into our schedule last year, but didn't want to miss it this year. (You can see those pictures by clicking here.) We decided a couple weeks ago that we would visit this past weekend. We let Jana know we were headed that way, as well as our friends, the Douglases. We were looking forward to seeing them all.

When we arrived, we saw Jana. She was leaving to pick up a few things for some of the shops around town. So, we went into the museum that Jana was responsible for setting up. We toured it while she was out. Sara Madalin really enjoyed seeing all the animated animals and characters.

We usually take a family picture in front of the big tree. This time, we settled for Reagan taking a picture of the two girls.

Then we headed out to the carousel. It was quite a wait, but being frequent visitors to Disney and all, we were pretty accustomed to such a line (ahem).

As we were waiting in line, our friends, the Douglases, came up to where we were. It's a good thing, because if Sara Madalin had asked one more time, "Where Grant?" I was probably going to scream. Only not really. But she did ask quite a few times.

We all waited as Sara Madalin and Daddy rode the carousel, seeing as how we waited in line for so long. She was so funny. She sat up on the pony and just waved and waved. Every time she would come around, she waved at everyone, not just those of us that she knew. I told Julie it was as if she was a princess and we were all her subjects.

As soon as she got off the carousel, she wanted to see her buddy Grant.

Aren't they sweet? They chased each other and ran all over the court yard. They had already been there for a while. So, after a quick group photo, they headed home for the night.

After we left our friends, we got tickets for the horse and buggy, and (again) waited in line. Reagan got us some hot chocolate (or "hot cocoa", as my 2-year-old corrected me) while we waited. Sara Madalin really enjoyed it. She especially enjoyed the whipped cream.

We enjoyed the horse and buggy ride. It was so neat to have her sitting there between us as we rode around. It was one of those special moments I always dreamed about before we had a child. All she really cared about those was the hot chocolate (cocoa).

I mean, she REALLY enjoyed the hot chocolate (cocoa). Look at that face.

After the ride, it was getting pretty late and Sara Madalin was so tired.

We waited for Jana to get a break in her schedule so we could see her really quick. We are so proud of her and all the work she puts into this festival. We thought she deserved a sweet hug form our little girl. Can you tell they were excited to see each other?

We enjoyed another wonderful time in Canton. And Sara Madalin was asleep before we got out of the parking lot. In my opinion, that's always a sign of a successful outing.

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Ashley said...

How fun! I bet people stop you everywhere you go and are gaga over her curls!!;)