Dec 5, 2010

Jump! Jump! Jump!

Friday night we traveled north to visit with my sister and her family. Her middle child had a birthday party Saturday. It was a jump house party.

I don't know who thought up the idea of the jump house, but whoever it is, I'd love to meet him and tell him that I, along with every other parent of a preschool aged child, LOVE HIM! Jump houses are the BEST activity for a group of rowdy preschoolers. And if ever I met a couple rowdy preschoolers, it would be these two:

They had already been jumping for a few minutes. He's all sweaty and she's still talking, even though I am trying to take her picture. I predict a lot of mischief between these two in the future. They were both up by 6:15 Saturday morning - running, screaming and playing. Neither of them is afraid of much, least of all their over-protective mothers who constantly try to keep them from hurting themselves. And they seem to have enough energy for an entire army.

Sara Madalin had a great time in the jump house. But she wasn't alone. Her Daddy joined in on some of the fun too.

After a little jumping, we went inside for cake and ice cream. Jeremiah had a Batman cake. We all sang to him and he blew out his candle.

As soon as the candle was blown out, Sara Madalin said, "My turn." She doesn't understand that we sang because it was HIS birthday. She just thought we were singing. So, my sister lit the candle again and we sang to Sara Madalin too. Reagan and Brandi helped her blow out the candle.

Oh, Amandah got in a little jumping too. Only she couldn't go out to the jump house. She enjoyed her little jumper just as much as the older kids enjoyed the fun outside.

Jeremiah is so funny. One couple that was at the party gave him a box of Ritz crackers. They said that when they had asked him what he wanted for his birthday, he'd said he wanted that.

Miss Priss made sure she checked out all the gifts too. She didn't really touch any of his gifts, but she almost made off with one of his cards on the table.

As soon as the party was over, we headed home. We had quite a drive and somebody was pretty tired from all that jumping.

Here's a little video of her on the jump house slide. She must have gone down the slide at least 100 times. She loved it.

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Ashley said...

How fun! I can't wait till Hannah can do the jump houses! They are the best!