Dec 28, 2010

Lots of Energy, No Fear

I guess the holidays are officially over at our house. Except I haven't taken down all the decorations. I'm hoping to remove all evidence of Christmas in my house tomorrow, with the exception of the tree. That is Reagan's task to box it up and store it. So, if any of you come to my house in March and I still have a 9 foot tree in the corner of my living room, talk to him.

Today I went out and picked up a few storage and organizational items that I plan to use as I'm taking down decorations and trying to get my house back in order. I also had lunch with my friend, Jackie. It was nice to sit down and eat with an adult and have a conversation without having to defend my plate, or keep a two-year-old from jumping off the chair next to me and breaking her arm. And just in case anyone needs to see proof of that last statement, I just so happen to have a little video from this evening.

Jackie was telling me today how she had stitches several times before she was 6-years-old. She said she was fearless. Sounds a lot like my little Princess. Every time I catch her doing something like this I think to myself, "I am just seconds away from a trip to the ER." And while some people who see that video may judge me for not stopping her (and for videoing her as she jumps) let me just say, she is who she is. She'd find a way to jump from that ottoman to the chair whether or not I was allowing it. And with the video I have evidence to show her when she's older - and talking about my grandchildren driving her crazy - of how fearless she was.

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Laura said...

"...defending my plate..." Ha! That's a good one! I love how she was counting or either talking herself into the jump before she did it! Good times. That is, before the ER visit.

Paige said...

Wow! Can you bottle up some of that energy and send it my way?! Hope you guys have a Happy New Year!