Dec 16, 2010


I decided that I would try a little harder with my preparation for Sara Madalin's Christmas party than the bag of candy I threw together at Halloween. So, I found a very simple and quick candy recipe, got my supplies together and set to work - with a little help, of course.

I bought this tub of candy canes at Sam's. Somebody ate one candy cane for every bag that I crushed. We like to call it teamwork.

I took the candy canes and placed them in a large ziploc bag. With my rolling pin I crushed them up into tiny pieces. Here are the crushed candy canes.

Then, I took the chocolate blocks, broke them to pieces, and melted them in a double boiler.

Once the chocolate was melted, I poured some of my crushed candy canes in and stirred it up. Then, poured it onto wax paper that I had placed on a cookie sheet. I spread it pretty thin and placed it in the fridge to cool.

Once it was cool, I broke it into pieces, and I placed some of it in small tins to give away to friends and family.

I also broke up smaller pieces and placed them in little bags to give to the other children in Sara Madalin's class. I fixed them each a little felt basket full of candy (I put other candy in there, in addition to the candy I made) and wikki stix. I think I did a little better with this holiday party than I did with Halloween.

They had their party this week since some of the kids will be out next week. And guess what, my girl has graduated from having to sit in the high chair, to getting to sit at the table. However, Charlie still requires a little confinement. And I think he's okay with that.

She must have caught a glimpse of the cupcakes in this next picture. She was certainly happy about something.

She made sure to point out to me that the stockings were hung by the chimney.

And this tree is made up of their hand prints. I think it's so cute.

They all enjoyed their party, and it was funny to see them interact. At one point Sara Madalin shook her finger at one of the other kids and said, "No, no! You know better!" Where in the world has she heard that? ;-)

Here she is enjoying that cupcake. She was so involved in eating it, she didn't even notice when I eased out of the room.

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Ashley said...

Yuuuummm! I love peppermint bark!

kelly, said...

Those baskets are adorable!!! I totally forgot to do something for my little ones class, even neglecting the teachers!!