Dec 15, 2010

Store Party 2010

Tuesday night was the party for the store where Reagan works. Not only is it a pharmacy, it's also a grocery store, gravel business, storage and rental business, medical equipment business, and Radio Shack. So, they look for a pretty large venue for their Christmas party. It was held at Bass Pro last year, and again this year. We like that it's there because it gives us an opportunity to carry Sara Madalin to see Santa.

I snapped a quick picture of her in front of the tree before we left for the party. The dress she has on is one that she wore last year to a Christmas wedding. I kept it in her closet (after having it cleaned) all year in hopes that she could wear it again. She has grown taller, but her waist seems to stay the same. How I wish I had that problem.

We got to Bass Pro about an hour before the actual party was about to start. We got a ticket to see Santa and walked around for a few minutes with Mr. Jimmy and Mrs. Renee. The whole time we were waiting for our turn to see Santa, SM kept telling me that he had candy canes. She had remembered getting one from the Santa at the Christmas Open House we went to a few weeks ago. And thank goodness this Santa had them too. Sara Madalin walked right up to him, climbed in his lap, took her candy cane, and turned toward the camera with a smile. She's such a pro.

After we saw Santa, it was time to head over to the dining room for the party. We found a place to sit and got settled for dinner. Not long after we sat down, Scooter made an announcement and prayed over our food. Sara Madalin was sweet and closed her eyes and folded her hands while he prayed, so I snapped a quick picture.

B.B. (and Scooter) brought her a surprise - a dancing M-Mouse. It was her Christmas gift from them and I think B.B. has been about to burst to give it to her. Sara Madalin loved it, and everyone around us loved watching her excitement over him. She was giving him a kiss in this next picture. She kissed him all night.

After dinner, B.B. made sure that Sara Madalin had dessert - brownie bites. I don't know if it was the brownie bites, or the fact that there was so much activity, but she stayed up until 10:00 p.m. - 2 hours past her bedtime.

One thing I liked about the party this year was that my friend, Renee, and her husband were there. She works in the office at the store now. I love her so much and any time we get to spend together makes me happy.

We enjoyed the food and fellowship at the party. We are so thankful for Reagan's job and the people that he works with every day. God has blessed them and we are so grateful for His favor on them.

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Ashley said...

I just saw those dancing Mickey's today! So hilarious!

Courtney said...

Love the dress and picture with Santa. My nephew still hasn't gotten his Santa pose down yet. He doesn't mind sitting on his lay, he just minds sittng for the picture!