Dec 19, 2010

Surprise!!! Scooter is 60!

Saturday evening we went to a surprise birthday party for Mr. Johnny (Scooter). He turned 60. His girls took him out to a movie Saturday afternoon to keep him away until all his friends and family had arrived at his house. He thought that one of his neighbors was having a Christmas party, and that was why all the cars were parked up and down his street. When he opened his front door, he quickly discovered the cars were not there for a party across the street - they were there because of all the people in his house.

It was a lovely party. As always, Mrs. Ann (B. B.) and the girls did an amazing job putting things together. Here's a shot of the cake.

And there was a ton of food. It was so good.

Scooter was very surprised, and very happy to see all the people there to support him on his birthday.

We were happy to see a few people that we rarely get to see. Our friends Martha and Dewayne (Granny and Gramps) were there. I haven't seen them in months. I was happy to see them both.

Gramps took a quick photo of our family. Everyone kept going on and on about Sara Madalin's curls. They are quite a conversation starter. And so is the girl who wears them.

"Downtown" Reagan Brown and Scooter. Downtown is Mr. Johnny's nickname for Reagan. He is such a funny man and Reagan loves and adores him. We are both so thankful for the blessing of having Mr. Johnny and his family as part of our lives.

A shot of just a few of the people who attended the party.

Mrs. Carolyn, Mr. Yogi, Nan, and Uncle Charlie

SM giving Scooter a birthday kiss

My favorite Sojourner Sister and Me (Just kidding Amy and Shannon)

I don't remember the first time I met these three girls, but I'm so grateful for having known them through the years. And I'm thankful that Reagan has gotten to spend the times with them, Mr. Johnny and Mrs. Ann that he has. They are just as beautiful inside as they are out.

One last shot for the night - Scooter, B.B., Amy, Shannon and Anna

We had a great time and were happy to see so many of our friends. Sara Madalin enjoyed herself too. Although, she couldn't understand why B.B. wouldn't stop entertaining everyone else there and go play with her. When I told her we were going to B.B. and Scooter's house, she said, "I play with toys at B.B. house." or something to that effect. When we got there, she ran to B.B. and that's the only person she wanted. She would not even come to me or Reagan. I finally got her away with the promise of games and toys in the playroom. But every chance she got, she went back to B.B. I might be wrong, but I think B.B. has a way with the kids.

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