Jan 19, 2011

GattiTown with Nori Grace

About a year ago, I was visiting a church in our area with Sara Madalin one Sunday morning. I was signing her in at the nursery and someone behind me said my name. I turned to see a young lady, her husband, and their daughter. She said, "You don't know me, but I read your blog." Turns out, they were a couple who had adopted their daughter through the same agency we have been with all these years. I'm not sure how she found our blog, but she has read about SM for most of her life. Her little girl is about a month older than Sara Madalin. We've kept in touch through Facebook this past year, and finally decided we'd try to get the girls together to play for a little while. Last week we met them for pizza and playtime at GattiTown.

I hate to say it, but Sara Madalin was having one of her worst days. She had just come from swimming lessons, and she was a bit tired. She was just being so ugly to me as well. I think we had to leave the table before our meal was over about 5 times for her to stand in the corner. But then, we said it was time to play and she ran and grabbed Nori Grace's hand like she was an angel.

I have to admit that they do look very sweet. But sometimes those looks - they are deceiving.

They played very well together. They rode the carousel several times. I think that was their favorite thing in the whole place.

We tried to play a few games, but the girls were a little young for most of them. We did bowl and play the little basketball game once. She's looking for the balls to roll back down to us in this next picture.

Then the girls and I got on the Frog Hopper. It lifts you up, then drops you quickly. It's kind of like the Tower of Terror at Hollywood Studios, only on a MUCH smaller level.

Nori Grace was NOT impressed. But look at SM. No fear with that child. She smiled and giggled the whole time. She and I actually rode it twice - once with Nori Grace and once after she got off.

After all the games, we cashed in our tickets and went to get a prize. I took this next picture so that you can visualize what I'm about to tell you.

Because we didn't do so good at the games, we didn't have very many tickets. SM had 15 tickets. She had enough to buy a little plastic ring and a set of hot pink plastic vampire teeth (like Max on "Max and Ruby" for those who are fans, as my daughter is). But we only ended up with that AFTER she ran from me, around behind the counter, and started helping herself to whatever she could grab in the bins. The counters are open in the back because the workers usually get the prizes out back there and hand them over the counter to the children. My child, bless her, thought she could just help herself. She quickly learned she was wrong.

The girls had a good time, and Meagan and I enjoyed visiting with each other as well. We hope to get together again soon.

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Ashley said...

Wow! Yall have a fun looking Gatti Town! Ours isn't nearly that good. And as always SM looks precious ;)