Jan 18, 2011

He is Faithful!

God has shown us once again how faithful He is. We have had several days where there has been little or no change in Mrs. Brown's condition. Doctors had removed about 4 liters of fluid from her body and her kidneys still were not functioning. Her heart was still not strong enough to help her other organs function properly. Several people have emailed, texted, or called me each day for an update. I asked Reagan this morning to type something up for me when he found out how she was so that I would know what to tell others when asked. He sent me this around 11:15 a.m.:

Status update on Mrs. Brown: overnight kidney function has not improved. Added 3 new meds to help with heart. Heart rate has been lowered and stabilized. Blood pressure is up and stabilized. Stopped aquapheresis because they got as much fluid out as they could right now. Are going to attempt to draw fluid from around lungs with a needle this morning to try and improve lung function. Has not been stable enough until now to do hemo-dialysis if necessary but kidney dr. said if it gets to that point we will have to try. Just taking 1 day at a time. Thank you all for your prayers.

No sooner had I read that than he called me. He spoke through tears as he told me they had performed the fluid removal using the needle procedure and almost as soon as they had removed a liter with the needle, her kidneys started functioning again. He sent me an updated status to share with everyone:

They completed the fluid withdrawal procedure. They removed about 1 L from one lung and have another 1/2 L to go on the other lung tomorrow. As soon as they withdrew the fluid, the kidneys started working. Lung dr. said this was a turn that we have been looking for. Still not out of the woods but definitely positive. Now they can let her get stronger and start to work on cardiac issues and the pneumonia. She is more alert than she has been the whole time. They are able to give her some pain and other meds now and even with those she is more alert and feeling better. We have from from them telling us that we may have hours with her to hope of recovery. We have truly been able to witness a miracle. Thank ya'll so much the prayers. Keep it up.

Again, thank you for being faithful to pray for our family. We appreciate it more than we can express. God has been so good and he deserves the glory for the work that has been done. Please continue to pray for her recovery and for the family and doctors as they care for her.

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