Jan 28, 2011

I Wike Canny and Shuckers

A couple weeks ago my husband told me about a shower that was being hosted for our friend, Amy. It was going to be at the store where Reagan works. Amy's dad owns the store and some of the people there have known her since she was a toddler. She's now grown, married and expecting her firstborn, a son, any day now.

Well, I forgot about that little conversation we had. It's kind of what I do. We talk about something, then I forget. I'm not certain, but I think it might have something to do with lack of sleep combined with chasing and hauling a 2-year-old all over central MS every week. So, when Reagan called me Wednesday to make sure I had something food-wise for the party Thursday, I told him, "You didn't tell me there was a party tomorrow." But then he reminded me of specifics of the conversation - because he still has his right mind and can actually remember a conversation as much as two weeks after he's had it - and I was all like, "Oh, yeah. We did talk about that."

So, after swim lessons Thursday, SM and I hauled it down to Copiah county for the shower. We got there just in time to participate in the game of guessing the measurement of Amy's bump. This is Amy holding the strip of tape that was my guess.

I was a little off.

And just for fun, we put it around SM.

To be quite honest, she really could have cared less what we did to her at that point. She had a sucker in her mouth and that is all that mattered. She had told me in the car on the way to the shower, "Mommy, I wike canny. And shuckers." I said, "Yes, baby, I know."

I had told her that we were going to a party for Amy. To which she replied, "I get cake?" I told her yes and that the party was for Amy and her baby. I told her that Amy had a baby in her belly and that he would be here soon so we were going to give her some presents. She thought for a minute, then she said, "I wanna see da baby Mommy." Then I said as a quick follow up in hopes of changing the subject a little, "B.B. will be there too." That seemed to do the trick.

Here are a few pictures that Reagan took for us before he headed back to the pharmacy to work. Amy opening some of her gifts.

SM thought it was funny that Amy put one of the bows from her gift on SM's head.

Scooter came back for a little while. When the conversation turned to breast feeding, he found an excuse to head back to his office.

Here's just some of the food. And there's a cute little diaper cake that one of the ladies in the office made.

SM liked the carrots. At least, she liked holding them and crunching them. I don't think she ever swallowed any. She was far more interested in the suckers on the table and the cake.

She managed to sneak a couple sips of tea from her daddy's cup. Because that is just what she needed - caffeine and more sugar.

Helping put the paper in the trash.

B.B. and another bow.

The cake.

I never actually got to taste the cake. Sara Madalin did though. Just like any other party she's ever been to, she walked right over to it when she first noticed it and stuck her finger in the icing. Before she was done, she was in Amber's lap (she sat right at the cake) with one of those bottles off the cake, trying to get to the icing inside it. I think she also got a few more licks of icing from the side before she was done. This was after at least two suckers, some chocolate, and two little squares of cheesecake. Oh, and the tea.

As I've told a few of my friends, sugar is her crack-cocaine. She goes crazy for it. And she'll do just about anything to get it. She's started spelling her first and middle names out loud. But sometimes, when we ask her to do it, she will say, "I not." But all we have to do is pull out a piece of candy, not even say a word, and she starts spelling. We think it's funny. Lucky for me, just like a drug, after the initial high from the sugar, she crashes hard. After the party, I took her home, changed her, and put her in her bed where she went right to sleep and slept for an hour and a half. Thank God for the little blessings.

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Anonymous said...
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Laura said...

Wowser on that last comment! And all I wanted to say was, "WOW! That is some BLUE punch!!"

Ashley said...

What a cute and funny girl!