Jan 24, 2011

Like Elvis and his Mom...

Our Christmas tree is GONE!!!

At least it is gone as far as storage. I think that my friend Jana and I were trying to see who could keep theirs up the longest. I won. She took her tree down Saturday morning. Reagan got ours bagged up Saturday evening. And he had more help than he ever bargained for. There was a little elf not more than a few inches away from him at all times asking questions, "What doing Daddy? What dat?" He had to lie down on his belly to get under the tree to do something, so she had to follow his lead and lie down as well.

She doesn't like to miss ANYTHING. She moved on top of his legs to get a better view, all the while talking and asking questions. I tell him all the time, she gets THAT from him.

We aren't sure that the tree will still be usable next Christmas, but we got it in that bag for storage as best we could. Hopefully we didn't damage anything, but we won't know until we try to open it next November. I was just glad to get it out of the corner of my living room.

I'm not sure what I'll put over here, but to be honest, it's not really at the top of my priority list right now. Maybe by summer I'll have an idea as to what needs to live there to make it a little less empty.


For those who are wondering about Mrs. Brown...

Saturday and Sunday Reagan spent most of his day at the hospital. We got there in time for the 11:00 visitation Saturday. We then met Jana for lunch nearby. Afterwards, we dropped Reagan back off at the hospital and I got SM home for a nap. After her nap, we went back to get Reagan. That's kind of the pattern our lives have followed over the past week.Hospital, meal, hospital, home, hospital. Sunday was more of the same, only we added church to the mix. Church, lunch, hospital, home, hospital, church.

They have moved Mrs. Brown from ICU into a regular room. Her vitals are stable but she hasn't really gotten "better". The doctor says that he's seen some patients need to feel as if they are recovering psychologically in order to begin recovering physically. He's hoping that by moving her, she will begin to believe she's getting better, which he hopes will in turn cause her to fight to feel better physically. Now that she's in a regular room, Reagan, Susan, and their brother will hopefully start a night rotation. That way Susan and Mr. Brown don't have to stay every night. We're not sure when she will be released or what to expect next. Thank you again to those who are praying.

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Laura said...

We just bagged our tree up the redneck way...with black garbage bags and Wayne "toted" it upstairs.

The Glenn Gang said...

What the heck kind of Christmas tree bag is that???

Those pants aren't nearly as cool as the Spiderman pants!