Jan 22, 2011

Our Week

We are tired.... The end.

Not really. Well, we really are tired, but not really "the end."

Reagan has spent every moment at the hospital this week - at least the ones when he hasn't been working. I told him I've felt like a single parent. And I'll tell you right now, I have not liked it much at all. He's worn out from working and being at the hospital. I'm worn out from Sara Madalin. She's one busy girl.

Mrs. Brown is about the same as the last time I updated. Her kidneys are still functioning. Her vitals have remained stable. They started her on a few new heart meds and are hoping that her heart strengthens some by taking these. There are several things that are wrong (heart, kidneys, lungs) and it seems that as they try to get one thing working properly, another thing seems to be hindered. She's also been showing signs of what the nurses refer to as Sundowner's Syndrome. In the evenings, she's very agitated and says and does things that are completely out of character. Reagan texted me one evening and said, "Mama was mean tonight." I giggled when I read that. She's not a mean person. She's always been a very kind and encouraging woman. But since her strokes several years ago, from time to time, she has acted almost like a teenager if things aren't going as she thinks they should. Right now, in the hospital, she thinks that no one is trying to help her and in the evenings she is expressing herself in words and actions that are sometimes mean, and completely out of character for her. So, that's just one more thing that Susan and Reagan and Mr. Brown have dealt with this week. It's gotten so bad at times that Mr. Brown won't visit with her when she's acting that way. I guess Reagan and Susan understand that it's just a medical condition and, while it does hurt their feelings when she says some of the things she has to them, they try not to let it get to them too much.

We did get to spend a little time together Saturday morning before heading out to the hospital for the 11:00 visit. Sara Madalin has missed her daddy. He was trying to read instructions for the Christmas tree storage bag (it was still up at the time, but is FINALLY in storage) and she climbed all the way up on top of his shoulders. I took a photo with my phone.

After I took it, she looked at me and said, "I tall."

She is so funny.

As I said, we went to the 11:00 visit. Reagan said she was not feeling well at all. She's tired of being there, and she's still hurting and having some difficulty breathing again. Bless her heart. Please pray that we see some signs of improvement this week and she is able to move from ICU to a regular room.

We are thankful for all those who are praying. It has been such a blessing to us for people to continue to ask about her and tell us that they are praying. We're so thankful for our friends who have stopped by to visit, called, emailed, texted, and offered to help in so many ways. We appreciate it all. It has shown us that in the midst of difficulty, we can still say we are truly blessed.

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blessedmomto8 said...

BIG HUGS and prayers for you all!

The Glenn Gang said...

Super Cool Pajama Pants, Mr. Brown

shelley said...

what a special woman you are! i do pray that mrs brown will be feeling better soon! love the adorable photo of your little lady on her daddy's shoulders... ahh, i can't tell you the number of days/nights i felt like a single parent when my husband worked and worked but then i thought, he's doing this for all of us!
*cheer and keep smiling,

The Glenn Gang said...

Not sure what it says about me when you read my comment compared with the other two. So, let me leave another comment to make me look better. Because, you know...it's all about how I come across on your blog. :-)

Seriously, we are praying for you guys!