Jan 3, 2011

Overcoming My Fear of Commitment

(Otherwise known as the post where I show you my new rug.)

We have been working on decorating our home since we moved here in March of 2009. We've worked a little here and there. I've posted a number of times about different projects. Most every room has come a long way since we began, but I can't say that any room is really finished. So, I've made it a mission to work on finishing as much as I can now that I have more time at home. One thing that I finally purchased was a rug for our living room. I have always been a little hesitant when it comes to purchasing rugs for our home. I was talking with some of the ladies in my Sunday school class at our Christmas party and was telling them this. Then I said, "I know what it is. It's my fear of commitment. I'm afraid to commit to a purchase that large." What I meant was, I change my mind. A lot. Pretty much every time I mop the floor, I change the layout of the living room. By purchasing a rug, I would most likely have to stick with one layout. I would have to commit to it. Up until now, I've not been ready to do that. But, I finally decided, "I'm gonna do this." And I did. I bought a rug from Overstock.com. And I have to be honest, I love it. Wanna see? Here's a photo I took today after I placed it and the furniture in our living room area.

To me, it makes the room look so much larger.

(What's that? There's still a Christmas tree in the corner of my living room? Hmmm..... I guess I hadn't noticed... Much.)

Once the tree is gone (and I'm assured that a storage container for it will be ordered some time this week) I will probably move everything to the right just a bit to center it all up on the windows.

I don't have exact matching photos of before and after, but I do have some shots that will give you a good idea of the change that has been made in this area since Fall 2009. This first shot is looking into the living/great room from the front door. I never really liked the green, and I'm a fan of color on the walls. But this was just a little too cold and harsh for my taste.

You'll also notice the awful furniture from 1990-something, purchased before I had ANY taste or knowledge what-so-ever about decorating a home.

And this is now, looking from the same spot, the front door.

You can see how much lighter and larger and open everything looks. I think the colors work so much better together than before.

Before: looking from the kitchen area into living room area.

I may have mentioned in another post that we were instructed of the proper way to hang curtains. Wouldn't you agree they look so much better hung above the transom windows?

I tried to get a close up shot of the rug. I'm not sure I did such a good job. But the colors in the rug are very similar to the colors of our sofa, our stained floors, and the new wall color. I couldn't believe how well they matched once it came in. It really ties the room together.

This is looking from the sofa over to the side of the room where my writing desk and the TV are.

I still have a little work to do over there. Not exactly sure what all I will do. But since I've overcome my fear of commitment when it comes to purchasing rugs, I think it's safe to say I will be all over the risk-taking now when it comes to decorating that little space.

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Sandra said...

It wasn't part of my plan to come to your blog and leave it wanting to buy new furnitures, but alas that's what has happened.
Your floor is beautiful!...oh, and of course all of the new furniture, your decor is fantastic!

Amanda said...

Looks great!! :) And my tree was still up until today, and I think I might try to find a container for it, I do need another container for my ornaments...LOL!!

Ashley said...

Love the rug AND the wall color!! ;)

Carrie said...

It looks so good! I love that rug! I can't believe you got it on overstock.com. I'm going to have to look there :)