Jan 25, 2011

Papaw's Girl

Sunday morning after church, we headed over to the hospital to have lunch with Mr. Brown, Sue-Sue and Day-bid. Sara Madalin was happy to see them. She also happy to get a dollar for her piggy bank and some chocolate cake. Here she is giving her Papaw "love" before she and I headed home for her nap.

Sunday night Mrs. Brown was moved into a regular room from ICU. The doctors thought this would be good for her mentally. Her first full day in the regular room was Monday. Reagan went to visit her Monday evening after he got off work. He said he would not have believed the change in her had he not seen it himself. He said she was carrying on conversations with clarity he had not see since she was admitted almost two weeks ago. He said she didn't remember everything about being in ICU, but did remember that she had been ugly to several people. She seems to be better mentally. Our prayer is that her physical health improves as well now that she is in a private room.

Thank you so much to all who have prayed for her and visited over the past couple weeks. God has truly blessed us by ministering to us through so many people these past few weeks. I have had a very special friend who has ministered through emailing advice and words of encouragement. I have had friends who've emailed or texted or called to check on all of us. And we have been extremely blessed by our church family. There have been cards and visits from people we know personally and those we've not yet met. Reagan and I are so grateful for all the words of encouragement and hugs and expressions of support and concern that we've experienced. Thank you a million times.

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The Glenn Gang said...

No photo of Reagan's pants in this post! I'm dying to know...what kind of pants did he wear this day?

Pajama Jeans? (google those if you haven't seen them!!!)

Your reading public demands to know!

Carrie said...

Glad to hear Mrs. Brown is doing better. I will be praying for your family.