Jan 16, 2011

Reagan's Mom

I've updated a few times on Facebook about Mrs. Brown. I decided to go ahead an post an update with more detailed information for those who are interested in her well-being. This is just a little more detailed version of what I've been able to post on FB.

Mrs. Brown was admitted to the hospital last Wednesday with pneumonia. Early Thursday morning she was moved to the ICU with what doctors later discovered was congestive heart failure. She was having a great deal of trouble breathing. Her heart doctor was called and a few tests and scans were conducted. He informed the family that her heart was very weak. There are a lot of terms and levels that have been spoken over the past few days, many of which I don't understand. But what they all mean is that her heart is very, very weak. So weak that her kidneys have stopped functioning properly. Because of this, she has continued to accumulate fluid, which in turn put more strain on her heart. She was given medicine to help alleviate the fluid, but it did not seem to work.

She stayed in the ICU at her local hospital for a few days, then, because she wasn't strengthening, her doctor talked to the family and said that he wanted to try some cardiac drugs in order to hopefully strengthen her heart. He said he would feel better about doing that in a cardiac care unit. So, the decision was made to move her to a hospital in Jackson.

Once there, the doctor painted a slightly different image of the severity of her condition. He informed the family that they needed to make decisions regarding life support options - should the time come when that might be needed. She and Mr. Brown have living wills and Susan and Reagan will carry out those wishes as they make decisions. The doctor said that he was more concerned with the condition of her heart than the pneumonia. He's shared a great deal of information with Susan and Reagan. They are still hoping for a miracle, but preparing themselves and the rest of the family for what the doctor expects to happen - which is that, if her heart and kidneys don't increase in strength, we'll soon say good-bye to Mrs. Brown.

Right now, they are doing all they can to make her as comfortable as possible. They have been able to remove some of the fluid through another procedure in hopes that her heart can strengthen, as well as her kidneys. The doctor told Reagan and Susan this morning that in comparison to yesterday (Saturday), she is more comfortable. Mainly because of the release of the fluid. She's able to breath a little better. Her heart rate is about the same. She's more alert. But her heart is still weak and her kidneys are operating at about 10-15%.

So, now, we're waiting. There are a lot of "If this..., then this..." Reagan says that our next steps hinge on her kidney function. For now, they are going to continue trying to remove some of the fluid in hopes of her heart and kidneys strengthening. From there, we'll see what the next move is. Either way, the family wants her to be comfortable and we're doing all we can to see that this is the case. If it's time to say good-bye, we are prepared for that. Well, as prepared as we can be. If she pulls through, we'll continue to care for her as best we can.

I do want to take this opportunity to thank our friends and family who read the blog, and have come by. I've not updated on the blog over the last few days because our life has been so turned upside down, but I have posted a few updates on Facebook. We've had a number of people from our current and past church who've come by to see us. Friends have called. Among the family, there seems to be one of us at all times replying to texts or emails from friends or family checking up on us. Thank you, thank you, thank you for checking on us and our family. It means more than we can say.

Thank you to the sweet friends who are taking turns watching our girl. B.B. got her turn last night and I thought SM was going to be so spoiled she would never come home with me. She went to church this morning with Mrs. Jackie and Mr. Nickey. I know she's having a great time with them. We miss her, but we know this is not the best place for her right now. So, I'm thankful for people who enjoy taking care of her, and people she enjoys being with.

We don't know what the next few days hold, but we do know that God saw these days before we ever faced them. He is Mrs. Brown's first love and she's ready to be with Him. We are all sure of that. Though we're sad to say good-bye to her, we are sure she'll be with the Lord when she leaves us. That gives us great peace.

Please continue to pray for wisdom, strength and comfort. Especially pray for Mrs. Brown's comfort. Pray for Mr. Brown. It breaks all our hearts to see him have to make decisions and struggle with the choices he's facing. He's tired and sad. But he's strong. He's trying his best to make decisions based on what is best for her in the long run. But he needs prayer as he does this.

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The Buchanans said...

We're praying for all of you. And especially for Reagan, because we know how hard it is to see your mom very sick. Thanks for the updates so we know how to pray. Curt and Mary

Erica @ All About Aleigha said...

So sorry yall are going through this. Will definitely have you all in our prayers.

Kelli said...

I sat here tonight and read your post about Mrs. Brown. I cried, and then bawled. I'm very sorry for what you and Reagan's family are going through. I normally wouldn't cry this much reading somebody I don't know, but during the month of October this is what my Grandpa went through, the exact same thing. Except he didn't get moved to a cardiac unit. Today he is at home, being stubborn but doing pretty well for what he went through. God is Good! I will pray for all of you!

Jennifer said...

Just stopping by to see how Miss SM is doing and was saddend to read this post. Will pray for Mrs. Brown and her family.