Jan 6, 2011

She's a BIG kid now

I can't believe that this month marks 2 years that Sara Madalin has been taking swim lessons. The lesson have been so good for her. It's helped her learn to count by us counting to 3 before she jumps off the side of the pool. It has helped her learn colors by swimming with colored balls. It has helped her overcome fear of the water. M's? She's had her fair share in lessons. And swimming has helped her burn off a ton of energy. It wears her out is what I'm saying.

For the past 2 years, once a week, she's gone to swimming lessons and she's either been carried out by me, or walked on her own, to the baby pool. It's a small pool for babies and toddlers who are learning the basics of swimming. Here's a photo of her a couple weeks ago before our very last lesson in that baby pool.

At the time I didn't know that would be her last lesson in the baby pool. Had I known, I would have taken better (and more) pictures. I thought it was just the last lesson before the break.

But when I called earlier this week to sign her up for a class, I asked if we could find something earlier in the day. When the lady on the other end of the phone said, "Do you want to move her up to Water Tots?"

I said, "Ummmm..... I guess we could do that. Is that in the BIG pool?"

Turns out, it is. How many times have she and I stood at the window in front of the BIG pool and watched the BIG kids swim in the BIG pool and slide down the BIG slide? Too many to count. Now, my Sugar is going to be in there. And little babies and their mommies and daddies will be looking in at her and saying, "Look at her swimming in the BIG pool. She's a BIG girl. One day you'll be like her."

OH, you better believe there is going to be a ton of pictures from lessons today.

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The Glenn Gang said...

"I don't take many pictures because I feel it is more important for my child to know I'm truly engaged in what they are doing versus just having evidence of the fun things we do so I can brag to my friends online!"

Yeah, that is what someone said to me! So, take lots of pictures today so you can brag to all of us about your glamorous life of swim lessons. :-) Meanwhile, I'll be here engaged in why my children are doing. You know, as I hold up the camera to watch through the lens!

Laura said...

That sounds like us and the way we were with gymnastics. What a relief to finally stand at the window and watch Alise tumble and think how far she had come.

BTW, we had that same bathing suit that SM has! We're great moms!!

sara said...

Aw, how very sweet! Cherish every moment, they grow up so darn fast!!