Jan 7, 2011

Swimming in the Big Pool

Thursday morning, before swim lessons, we went to get Sara Madalin a flu shot. We've been trying for months to get in at her pediatrician's office and haven't been able to find a time that's good for us before they run out of the shot. So, she and I went to the Health Department. We had told her that morning that she was going to get a shot. We gave her some Tylenol before leaving the house. She was really good while we waited our turn. Then we went back and the nurse started cleaning the spot on her leg where she was going to get the shot. Once the nurse picked up the needle from her desk, Sara Madalin said, "I not want that." The nurse said, "Well, none of us really want it, but it helps us keep from getting sick." So, she stuck Sara Madalin. SM said, "Ouch. Dat hurt me." The nurse put a band-aid on it, and we were done. When we walked back out through the waiting room, she waved at everyone and said, "I got and-aid." They all laughed at her.

Then we were off to swim lessons. She was not afraid one bit. (Of course not.) I stayed in there and took pictures through most of the lesson. Here she is with the other two children in her class as their teacher explained the rules. You know, no running around the pool, don't get in the water unless there's an adult in the pool, don't go to the bathroom in the pool. All the things kids this age need to know.

There were a few moments where Ms. Katie had to give Sara Madalin a few more specific rules. My poor girl - her curiosity always seems to get the best of her.

They did a little splashing.

And Ms. Katie knows our girl's love language - M's.

She did great with everything. I was afraid of the big pool, but not her.

There was one moment that Ms. Katie asked her to do something that she just didn't want to do. So, she started saying, "I want my Mommy."

I stepped out for a minute and when I came back in, she was bossing the little boy in class around. I heard her telling him, "You get up here right now!" That's when I put my head in my hand in shame because I know EXACTLY where she's heard that before.

Here she is swimming on her back. Ms. Katie kept telling her how great she was doing. Except for Ms. Katie holding her chin to keep it up, she swam across the pool on her back all by herself.

And then came the big moment we've both been waiting for... the slide. This look tells it all.

She climbed up when it was her turn. Ms. Katie waited at the bottom. Right before she came down the slide, I heard her say to Ms. Katie, "Here I come!"

Once she got back to the side of the pool, she could not stop talking. She said to Ms. Katie, "I want do it again!"

She talked about the slide for the rest of the day.
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Avery's Mommy said...

OMG that is SO precious!

Anonymous said...

Have fun with that! Great place to learn to swim. I used to work there.