Jan 17, 2011

Update & Muffins with Mrs. Jackie

There has been a little change with Mrs. Brown, but not very much. The doctors have been able to remove over 4 liters of fluid from her since night before last. They are trying to see if they can remove more. The removal of the fluid has helped with her breathing. She is, of course, more comfortable as a result as well. When Susan spoke with the doctor earlier today he said that her chest x-rays are still not good at all. Her kidney strength has not increased much at all. So, we are still waiting to see if those improve. The doctor also ordered a couple of different cardiac meds to start her on to see if it will help strengthen her heart enough to boost the kidneys, so to say. So, really, there isn't much of a change, except that she's more comfortable than a few days ago. Reagan went in to see her at the 5:00 visitation time and she was asleep. She has been in and out today, as she has been the entire time in the hospital. I think that Mr. Brown asked her doctor if he could get her some soup. The doctor ok'd it and said to give her as much as she could tolerate. That made Mr. Brown feel better, that he could do that for her. He's so accustomed to caring for her that it is difficult for him to see her so sick and not be able to do anything of significance for her. Please continue to pray for him. He is so tired. Sunday he fell asleep several times in his chair in the waiting room. He's been sleeping there and going to Susan's some as well. But I'm sure he's not rested much at all since last Tuesday night. So, again, please continue to pray for him.

We took Sara Madalin up to the hospital for a short while Sunday night. She had been with Jackie and Nickey all day (and I'll get to the photos and video of what they did to my poor baby in a minute). I picked her up from them and took her up to mainly see her Papaw. Reagan thought it would do him good. We told her that Mamaw was sick and that we needed her to be real sweet at the hospital. Reagan also told her that Papaw was sad. So, of course, the first thing she said to him when she saw him was, "You sad Papaw?" I don't think he understood what she said. He just smiled at her and said, "Hey girl, what are you doing?" She also wanted to see Mamaw and couldn't understand why everyone else got to go back to the ICU but her. Reagan said that as he took her to daycare this morning she was saying to him, "Mamaw sick. I want to see her."

As I said, Jackie and Nickey kept Sara Madalin Sunday. Jackie offered to take her to church with them and keep her as long as I needed her to Sunday. She loves Jackie. And I think Jackie is pretty fond of her too. They picked her up for church and she got to see several of our friends at our former church. I think some of the senior adult ladies were very happy to see her. After church they went to eat lunch with Nickey's grandmother. Jackie texted me and told me that she (SM) was smart and was minding well and "Your child loves ham." Evidently, they had fixed her a plate of food and she ate very well with them. Jackie also said that she was very well behaved. I wanted to say, "Are you sure you picked up the right child from the nursery?"

After they had lunch, they went back to Jackie and Nickey's and Sara Madalin went down for a nap. After her nap, she and Jackie made muffins. She told me on the way home Sunday night, "I cook. I stir roun' and roun'."Jackie took a few photos for me.

She had a little bit of bed-head going on and Jackie laughed at how crazy her hair was.

She got to bring one of the muffins with her and she ate it once we got to the hospital. Everybody kept asking for a bite and she wouldn't let anyone have any. When she put it down to go do something else, she told "Da-bid" that he couldn't have any and if he touched it he would be in trouble. She hears that a lot.

Reagan sent Nickey a message earlier today thanking them again for watching her for us. He told Nickey that we don't let her stay with just anybody and that we really trusted them to care for our baby. He said all of that BEFORE I found this photo on my camera.

Oh NO, Mr. Johnson! We don't allow our daughter to be exposed to things like that. And as if that wasn't bad enough, they used CANDY to get my daughter to speak blasphemy. Watch this video.

My baby cannot be held responsible for her actions while under the influence of sugar. It's like giving crack to an addict. Were it not for the large quantity of corn syrup, she never would have uttered such words.

Again, we are so very thankful for friends like them to care for her when we need them. We've had several other friends who've offered to watch her for us while we spend time at the hospital. Knowing that she is being well cared for (with the exception of the sugar binges) does give us peace of mind and allows us to be available for Mr. and Mrs. Brown.

Thanks again to everyone who has called, messaged, texted, or emailed to check on us. We appreciate your concern and your prayers.

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Nickey Johnson said...

She didnt seem to have any trouble taking that sucker out of her mouth to yell GO STATE!.....video dont lie. HA