Jan 5, 2011

What SHE'S Loving Wednesday - Her Baff-time Routine

Sara Madalin LOVES to take a bath. She asks for a bath as soon as she gets home every day. She asks to take one before we leave for school each morning. And sometimes, when she's home all day, she'll ask throughout the day, "Take a baff, Mommy? I take a baff?" So, I thought I'd take a few photos of her night time bath routine. Here she is after I washed her hair Tuesday night.

I don't wash it every day, but I do have to wash it and detangle it about every other day or so. I have a detangling spray that I sometimes use in the morning before she goes to school. It's in a green bottle and when she sees it in my hand she'll say, "No green bottle, Mommy. I not want it."

When she takes a bath, it's not really about getting clean. At least not for her. It's more about the "bubblesh" and the play time. Usually when she's done with her bath, the majority of the floor in her bathroom is wet. And she always has to have her foam letters in there and her little doll that she dresses with foam clothes.

After the bath, once she's dry and changed, she always wants to brush her teeth. It's a good habit to form, I suppose. But she's in that stage where she wants NO help with ANYTHING. So, I'm not sure how clean her teeth are getting.

After her bath in the evening, she gets to watch one or two Doras. She'll say to me, "I watch couple Doras, Mommy. K?" Then it's off to bed. We are still reading 2-3 books, then singing a few songs. But she's gotten such an imagination now that if I leave her before she's fully asleep, she comes running into the living room and tells us Swiper is in her room. Or sometimes it's snakes or bugs. So, for about the last week, I've been lying down with her until she's fully asleep. I know it's probably a habit that we'll have to break at some point. But I kind of like it. I have to turn my back to her to get her to stop talking and actually go to sleep, but it's nice to spend those winding down moments with her. She's so warm and cuddly and she likes to be right up next to my back. I almost fall asleep sometimes. I was lying there a few nights ago thinking that there will come a day when I'll long for those moments of lying down with her as she drifts off to sleep.

Now, later in the night, when she wakes up at 2:00 and 5:00 crying for a cup - those are moments I think I could live without. But those cuddly, warm moments, I don't think I'll ever get enough of those.

I may like them ALMOST as much as she likes her baff.

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Penny said...

My 22 month old grandson is begging for bubblebaths all the time now. :)
To encourage her to let you check her teeth~ try this tip. After she brushes tell her to let you see if anyone is "hiding" in her mouth. As you pretend to find "Barney, Dora, SpongeBob, etc." you chastise them and "brush" them out of there. It is usually so fun, she'll start asking you to check her teeth. I read this tip somewhere, but can't remember where. Wish I could give credit. lol

Ashlee McCrary said...

That is so sweet! They certainly grow out of these stages so fast.