Feb 23, 2011

Can I Hold the Puppy Dog?

This past Friday night we visited and had dinner with our friends Tony and Mary. It's been awhile since we saw them and it was nice to visit with them for a few hours. The food wasn't too bad either.

Sara Madalin was into EVERYTHING. And they breed dogs, so she was chasing the dogs all over the house. She was so happy when they would let her love on them. She has quite a bit to learn about "gentleness" though.

She loved all those puppy dogs and had a good time.

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The Glenn Gang said...

Dear Sara Madalin,

We will give you a puppy.

Aunt Nicki

P.S. It will be a yappy dog. You know, just like Max.

P.P.S. This will be void if our legal defense fund is depleted too quickly. We would have to use your dog money to pay our legal team.

P.P.P.S. Tell your mommy I can actually joke about yesterday now but I'm so not over it.

P.P.P.P.S Obviously, humor is my defense mechanism!