Feb 21, 2011

Cause She's a Future B-Baller... Shot Caller

We went Saturday to watch the State championship play-offs for the MPSA Division AAA girls' basketball teams. (I think I got that right.) We really wanted to see the final playoff game between the top two teams. We got there a little early and actually got to watch the #3 and #4 teams play as well. My friend, Jackie, went with us. She played basketball in high school and now coaches softball at another local high school. She has also assisted our friend Jan, who is the girls' basketball head coach where SM will go to school next year, with several summer camps. Got all that?

Anyway, we went to watch some basketball. You can't tell by the looks of this picture, but both girls were very into the game.

Jackie was loving that SM was hugged up to her like that. I didn't notice it at first and Jackie turned to me and said, "Look at this." So, of course, I had to take a picture. She loves Mrs. Jackie.

Not long after we got to the gym, we saw Jan. As I said, she's a head basketball coach. And she's VERY good. Basketball is her heart. She's pretty much a legend around here. Reagan has known her and her family since he was about 11 years old. Her mom, who I've referred to on the blog in the past as Aunt Bobbye, is one of the few people we told about SM before she was born. She prayed for SM and us before we adopted her. When SM was born, Aunt Bobbye very quickly became one of her most favorite people. And when we saw her at the game Saturday, SM almost jumped out of my arms to give Aunt Bobbye a hug.

I so wish that Sara Madalin could someday play under Jan's leadership. And she may. But Jan will most likely retire before Sara Madalin is old enough to play for her. So, for now, we were happy to support her and her current team as they played in the tournament. Here's SM (who was more interested in her popcorn, than the legend in her presence), Reagan, and Jan.

We watched two games, so we were there for awhile. All three of us (Reagan, Jackie, and I) did all we could to keep SM entertained while we watched the games. Reagan took her to get popcorn. That entertained her for a short while. She shared with everyone - which is a big step for her.

Thanks to Mrs. Jackie, she also got Skittles later in the day. Those she didn't share.

I told Jackie that you could tell when Jan's girls stepped on the court to warm up for the game that they meant business.

Jan and the opposing coach chatting before the game started.

It was a good game. But I'm just going to be honest, it was very one-sided. Jan's girls only allowed the opposing team 12 points during the whole first half of the fame. Jackie said that defense is definitely their strength. And I don't know if you can see her or not, but in the top left of the next photo is Jan pacing court side. She never sat down the entire game. She's very passionate and vocal when it comes to basketball. I told Jackie she's a little firecracker.

In the end, the girls in blue and white won the game 47-29.

We stayed until about 2 minutes before the end. We decided we'd go ahead and leave to beat the crowd. SM did good, considering that we were there the entire time she would normally be napping. And on top of that, she had to pretty much stay in one of our laps the whole time. That's a lot to ask of a 2-year-old. We enjoyed it, and so did she. I told Jackie it's almost more than I really care to think about, but I'm pretty sure I'll be attending quite a few of those games in my future.

Now, unless Jackie is there beside me, I won't have a clue what is going on. But if my baby has a basketball in her hand, you better believe I'll be standing in the bleachers shouting her name and number.

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