Feb 14, 2011

God is Love

Once a quarter, our preschool ministry at church hosts a date night for parents of preschool and elementary age children. For a very small fee, we can drop our child(ren) off at the church to be entertained for a few hours, while we enjoy a night alone together. This past Friday night was one of those nights. Reagan and I have not had a meal alone together since our anniversary in November. It was nice to go out and just spend a little adult time with each other.

Sara Madalin enjoys date night as well. She get to play with all her friends and make fun little projects. She also gets something that she rarely enjoys when she is with her parents - her very own Sprite.

When I dropped her off, the kids were all in the play room about to enjoy pizza and Sprite. Sara Madalin at first was a little clingy to me. That is until her teacher brought over her Sprite. You can see by the look on her face that she could already taste it.

Here is a picture of our preschool minister, Kandy, at check in. We so appreciate her and all she does for the sweet babies at our church.

One thing that drew us to this church, and I think I've mentioned this a few times before, is how they minister to children and their parents. This ministry has been so much what we've needed in this stage of our lives. We always trust that SM is well cared for and safe when we leave her in the care of the preschool workers at our church.

Reagan and I, as I said, enjoyed a nice adult dinner at one of his favorite Italian restaurants. The place was packed, but he had made reservations and we were seated just a few minutes after we arrived.

It was not only nice to enjoy dinner together, but to also celebrate the love that God has given us and how we've both seen that love grow and mature over the past year. We've really learned a lot about ourselves, our marriage, and how to love each other these past few months. I'm a very blessed woman who has a loving, patient, forgiving husband. I appreciate Reagan and all that he does for me and Sara Madalin.

After celebrating love and life together, we walked out of the restaurant and I thought we were very close to losing them. Because of the crowd at the restaurant, Reagan had to park about half a block away in another parking lot. As we were walking to our car, we saw two police cars pulled behind a car full of people. Well, of course, my first instinct was to pull my camera from my pocket and take a picture. (I'm sorry. It's like a nervous tick I have. I see something a little interesting and I start snapping my Canon.) As soon as my flash went off, Reagan turned to me and said, "Put that away right now." I did get one picture. Here it is.

See the blue lights? Then look to the right of those lights and do you see the white SUV? That's my car. And that's how close we were to the action. As we passed the car that was pulled over, the cops had the guys outside the car, patting them down. Reagan heard one of the officers say, "I'm just going to pat you down for my safety and yours." I don't think that we have ever gotten into our vehicle and driven away as fast as we did that night.

I later thanked my husband for taking me to such a classy establishment for a Valentine's dinner.

And while Mommy and Daddy were taking their life into their own hands just so Daddy could enjoy a little lasagna and cheesecake, Sara Madalin was making us sweet Valentine's gifts.

I don't know how I'm going to raise this child and not keep every little piece of paper she brings home. I've never been a hoarder, but I seriously want to keep all her little projects.

Sunday morning I took a little picture of my sweet Valentines. I love these two people. I even love the way they both fake smile for all the pictures I take.

Sunday night we met up with Jana for one more Valentine meal. She had gotten SM a sweet Valentine goody bag, so we met her to eat so she could give it to our girl. When we pulled up to the restaurant, I was getting SM out of her car seat. Jana walked up and was saying something to me. As soon as SM heard Jana's voice, I thought she was going to jump out of the car. I could barely get her unbuckled fast enough. She loves Jana.

She also loved the soup at the Japanese hibachi restaurant where we ate.

And she was so fascinated by the food being prepared in front of her. She was extremely well behaved and we were so proud of her.

After dinner she got her goody bag from Jana (filled with candy) and we headed home.

Once home, I put her to bed and got started making some treats for her to carry to school for her party. I could have (and probably should have) made them early, but I wanted to make sure she was actually going to be well enough to go to school for the party. Once I knew she was, I set out to make a little candy recipe I'd seen on a blog I read. (I think it was here, but can't remember for certain. I know I made the felt Valentine wreath. Check it out. It was cute and very easy.) Basically, what I made was popcorn mixed with melted candy coating and Valentine M & Ms.

I popped the popcorn, melted the vanilla coating, mixed all the ingredients together, and put them in some plastic zippy bags I bought at Hobby Lobby. That is what SM is going to give to her classmates for Valentine's.

And since this is THE post about Valentine's day this year, I thought I would show some of my decor as well. I have only decorated the top of the buffet this year.

I got the mercury glass candle holders at target. I think I got all the picture frames at Hobby Lobby. The vase is filled with silver Christmas ornaments and yarn wrapped balls. And of course, my baby's hand made Valentine decorations.

I usually have a little more out, but Reagan couldn't find the box with all my decorations in our attic. I'm thinking it might have gotten put somewhere else and we just haven't come across it yet.

Hope everyone has a great Valentine's Day.

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Jana said...

That was just "routine procedure"!!!!!
I love how I get in the same post as the big bad criminals you HAD to have a picture of!! And I am sure they were hoping for alittle bit of God's love that night!!!
Had a wonderful time with yall and my little Valentine!! Two awesome pictures of us!