Feb 17, 2011

I Think We've Created a Monster - a Chocolate-loving Monster

I've mentioned that Sara Madalin takes swim lessons once a week. At the end of each lesson they slide down into the water, swim to the side, then we're done. She did the slide fine the first week. Then, every week after that she's said she doesn't want to do it. She will only jump off the side into the water to Mrs. Katie. I've tried everything to bribe her and she wouldn't slide.

Well, this morning, her Daddy told her before he left for work that he would let her have ice cream tonight if she went down the slide. And not thinking, I carried some M's in a ziploc bag with me to lessons. I told her if she went down the slide she could have the bag of M's. In case we ever had ANY doubt, we saw once again that chocolate is her love language. She went right down that slide like it was no big deal. And she got her M's.

Tonight, when Reagan got home, not wanting to go back on his word to her, gave her ice cream. We took a few cute pictures.

Her hair is getting so long I can't do anything with it unless I wash it in the mornings and put gel or mouse on it. But she so has the personality to go with it.

She was not letting any of that chocolate go to waste.

That's my girl.

I'm thinking we probably won't be featured in any books or television shows talking about our parenting techniques. Can you imagine us on Oprah saying, "Well, all you need to raise great kids is go to Sam's warehouse, buy a tub of chocolate ice cream, and you're good. Those kids will do anything you want. Buy it by the case."

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Ashley said...

Oh. My. Goodness!!! You need to send these pics to Blue Bell! Too cute!

Penny said...

She is adorable~ even with a chocolate face! Our three year old granddaughter came by to get her Valentine's gift. I also handed her a little card with a fruit roll-up in it. She had her mom open the roll-up (I assumed she'd eaten them before.) and her whole face crumpled. "I can't eat that~ it NOT EVEN CHOCOLATE!" LOL
This is the child that smells Hershey's miniature bars to find the "real chocolate." Pretty smart for a non-reader. ;) I can soooo see your SM doing the same thing.