Feb 19, 2011

Ladies Who Lunch

The ladies from our Sunday school class have started getting together for lunch once a month. It has been so fun to just sit around and talk and laugh with these girls. We joked last month that while most people were making New Year's resolutions to lose weight, we were all resolving to eat at every restaurant in the Jackson area before the end of the year. I forgot to get a picture last month, but I made sure I got one before we ate today. This isn't all the ladies in our class, but it's a large group of them.

We had a great lunch. Several of us are taking a Zumba class that is being offered at our church's fitness facility. We joked about the moves and how uncoordinated we all are. A few of the girls are also heading to Disney World next weekend to run in a half-marathon. We talked about their training and how much fun they are going to have. I've enjoyed getting to know the ladies a little better through this time of fellowship, and I think it's really helped us bond as a class. It was a fun time of fellowship and I look forward to getting together again next month.

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Ashley said...

How fun!!! What does everyone do with their kids while y'all are having lunch??