Feb 25, 2011

Progress Report

Thursday Sara Madalin's swim teacher invited me and the other mom in to watch swim lessons. She was giving us a chance to see better how far the little swimmers had come during this session of lessons.

Sara Madalin is doing really well in lessons. The only "critique" the instructor had was that they often "butt heads," as she said. But if anyone can handle our headstrong girl, it's Mrs. Katie.

None of my photos turned out very well. The windows were open and I couldn't quite figure out how to adjust my camera for the lighting in the pool room. I took a few decent photos, but the video is a little better.

In the video, you'll see her do a few swim strokes. There's also video of her sliding down the big slide. There's not much to say in way of explanation, but I know that there are a few aunts and a Nana that want to see our girl in action. So... here she is.

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Ashley said...

Way to go SM!!! Great job! I'm thinking about swim lessons for Hannah but I don't know when is a good age...

Penny said...

LOVE her hair in that little bun! So cute! :)