Feb 22, 2011

Reagan's First Deer

Deer season is over. I believe it has been for several weeks, even months, now. I'm thinking maybe the deer know that because we have seen them out around our house in packs (droves? herds?). There are very few nights that we come home after dark and don't see at lease 2-3 deer. There are nights we've seen as many as 10-12. And it's not always at night that we see them. Reagan sees them most mornings when he leaves for work. I've come home in the middle of the afternoon and seen about 8 in our neighbor's back yard. We both knew it was just a matter of time before we had a run-in with one. That time came Sunday night on our way home from church.

We were about 2 or 3 minutes from our house when I saw a deer on the right (passenger) side of the road. I said to Reagan, "Look at this deer over here." He slowed down a bit because we know that there is rarely just one deer. Just as he was slowing down, we saw a second deer coming at us on the driver's side. There was no time to really react and he (she?) ran into the front driver's side of my car. A car that is less than a year old, I might add. Reagan was driving, thank goodness. We were both very thankful that more damage wasn't done. We didn't swerve or hit anything else, which was also a blessing. We've talked about it quite a bit and are just so thankful for the minor damage that was done. And by "minor damage" I mean that pretty much the whole front and front driver's side panels of my car have to be replaced. Here's the best picture we could take of the damage.

It pushed that right driver's side panel back toward the driver's door as well. So, when we try to open the door, it catches. Hopefully that will be remedied when the other body work is repaired.

(And on a side note, when we got home I called my friend Jackie to tell her what happened. She and her husband are big deer hunters and he's always wanting to come out here and shoot our deer. We've repeatedly told him it's against the covenants of our home owners' agreement. Anyway, I called her. Her first question wasn't, "Are you ok?" or "Was there much damage to your car?" No, her first question was "Did you go back and get the deer for the meat?" Um, no Ellie Mae, I didn't. We hit it WITH OUR CAR. She just laughed when I told her no, that thought never crossed my mind.)

As soon as we got home, Reagan called our insurance agency, got a claim number and made plans to take it into the body shop the next morning. He and I took it to the shop where my uncle works. And by "work" I mean he comes in early every morning and unlocks the gates and makes coffee. He's 70 and "semi-retired" he says. We visited with him for a few minutes after we dropped the car off. Hopefully we'll have it back in about a week. While it's being repaired, I'm driving a rental. A rental that, by the way, was last driven by someone who liked their bass turned All. The. Way. Up. on the radio. And I don't know how to fix it. So, if any of you pull up to a stop light and hear and see a car that is vibrating from the music that is playing, and you look over and see a middle-aged, red-haired white woman with her seat pushed all the way to the steering wheel so she can reach the gas pedal - it's most likely me. That's how I roll.

On the way home from the body shop and car rental office, we drove back by the site of the incident. And that's when I got this jewel of a photo.

That, my friends, is one proud deer slayer right there. I think I'm going to frame it and hang it over the mantle.

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The Glenn Gang said...


I'm sending you guys camo clothes since you are deer hunters now! I'll try to bedazzle yours though! You know, just so you are a little stylish!

Carrie said...

That picture is hysterical!!! So glad y'all weren't hurt. Your poor car. A friend of mine had a deer run into the passenger side door of her car. Random, I know.

Amanda said...

Oh deer - LOL....I'm so glad not more damage was done. And that is funny about how your friend asked if you went and got it for meat. True story, the state of TN does not care if you take home road kill...Hope they repair the car fast, and I'd love to see/hear you driving the rental with the bass pumping, LOL!