Feb 27, 2011

Shine, Make 'Em Wonder Whatcha Got

This week our church is participating is a mission project that we call "Shine." It began several years ago when a number of churches worked together to serve and share Christ in the metro area. Essentially, during the first week of March, our church works on various mission projects in our city. Through these mission projects we are letting our faith and testimony "Shine" in the area where we live.

Sunday was the day that we collected cans to be distributed at local locations that feed homeless and needy people in our inner-city. There were a number of huge boxes set up in our church to collect the cans. We let Sara Madalin carry in ONE can. Reagan carried the rest. I was afraid after being dropped three times between the walk from our car to the church, that it wouldn't make it. But it did. Here she is right before placing the can in the collection box.

There are a number of other mission projects throughout the week that we have an opportunity to work on. We look forward to SM being old enough to participate in more mission projects.

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