Feb 2, 2011

"Wet me get me socks!"

This past Saturday morning Reagan and I decided we'd try to do a little work upstairs. Every time we go up there and allow Sara Madalin to follow, we tell her she has to wear socks. I'm not sure why we started telling her she had to wear socks up there. The floor is no colder than the concrete floor downstairs, and I can't get her to wear socks downstairs for anything. But, nevertheless, every time we go upstairs, she runs to get a pair of socks from her dresser drawer. So, Saturday, when she heard us say to each other that we needed to work upstairs for a few minutes, she said, "Wet me get me socks!" and off she ran to her room. She returned looking like this.

Those are the pajamas she'd slept in the night before, blue and green socks and a purple tu-tu. She gets her sense of style from her Daddy. I'm just surprised she didn't come back in something red. That's her favorite color. It doesn't matter what I put on her, she wants to wear red socks or red shoes. It's an argument we have almost every morning. She insists of getting her socks out and I can tell her, "Pick a pair of pink or white socks" yet she will pull out a pair of red socks and say, "How 'bout dese?"

Once she was dressed, she headed upstairs with us and played while Reagan and I tried to work.

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