Feb 11, 2011

"Wook at me!"

One day last week, when SM and I were at home sick, she finally had enough of being cooped up and began to look for new ways to entertain herself... and us. We were watching TV or talking or something and she came running out of her room and said, "Wook at me!" She had gotten into her winter drawer and pulled out all her gloves and hats. She would come in wearing one, then go change again.

She knew she was being funny and kept trying to entertain us.

I should note that she's wearing a onesie on those photos. I should also note that she doesn't like to wear a onesie because when she wears one, she can't see her "bay-button." Every time I put a onesie on her, that's the first thing she says, "I can't see my bay-button! I can't see it!" Why it's so important that she is able to see her belly button is a mystery to me.

On another note, we are tired of sickness and cold weather. I don't think there has been one week this year where we haven't had someone sick or been confined to the house for a couple days because of weather. We are getting some serious cabin fever. For a family that is so accustomed to going and being active, we are really having a difficult time with all this confinement. But hopefully this weekend we'll have a little play time and get to burn off some of our pent up energy.

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adrianne + will said...

We've both been sick this week and today was husband's first fever free day. Our biggest laugh was from this series of photos! Thanks for the chuckle, and I hope you guys have some fun this weekend!

Ashley said...

What a CUTE little personality she has!!