Mar 10, 2011

Guest Post at "A Love Worth Waiting For..."

One reason that I started blogging was to share our adoption testimony with others who are walking through the journey of infertility and adoption. When Lyndsie at "A Love Worth Waiting For..." asked me to guest blog and share a little of our adoption story, there was no hesitation in my telling her yes.

If you have a few minutes and are interested, you can click HERE to read my guest post on her blog. If you've followed us long, you are familiar with much of our story. But I did open up just a little more about some of the journey that led us to Sara Madalin in this guest post. One thing I do hope is conveyed through what I share there - our journey didn't end with the adoption of our daughter. God has continued to grow us and teach us even more since her adoption. He remains faithful. And for that, we are so very grateful.

Again, if you have a chance, please visit her blog. And, if you have been touched by adoption, or by our story, please leave a comment and share briefly how God has spoken to or ministered to you or someone you know in this area. The link to my blog post can be reached by clicking HERE.

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Ryan V. said...

Hi there! I just read your guest post on Lyndsie's blog and was so touched by your story! You have such a beautiful little girl!

Jodi said...

Hi! Aren't Lyndsie and Daniel amazing? I shared our story too last month, and I love reading all the guest posts on her blog.

Thank you for sharing your heart! I can so relate to the dark times you went through, and how now you understand that it was all in God's plan. I feel the same way about our journey to Owen.

Congratulations on your beautiful family! Wishing you many, many years of happiness.

Venessa said...

I read your post on Lyndsie's blog and just found myself in tears. My husband and I have been on a very similar road! We were not able to conceive naturally, had one adoption of twin girls fail and are on the road of adopting a baby girl this summer. Thank you for sharing your story. I know that it is still difficult for me to talk about ours so I appreciate your honesty!