Mar 8, 2011

His Works are Wonderful... I Know that Full Well

This is Mrs. Melanie. She and her sister, Mrs. Joanie, are Sara Madalin's Sunday school teachers. We met them last Fall and Sara Madalin has fallen in love with both of them. Every time I tell her we are getting ready for church, she asks, "I see Mrs. Joanie?" or "I see Mrs. Mel-wanie?" I've told them a number of times how appreciative I am of them and all they do to teach our baby girl about who Jesus really is and how they show her His love each week as she spends time with them.

Not long after Sara Madalin was moved to their Sunday school class last Fall, we also spent time with Melanie and her family at a weekend family retreat hosted by our church. It was there that I found out Melanie and her husband, Spencer, and their children are missionaries with the Southern Baptist International Mission Board. We learned they had served in areas that they were not permitted to disclose. They've been home on furlough for several months and will return to the mission field in the next few weeks.

I wanted a picture of Sara Madalin and Mrs. Melanie, for one reason, because she is one of Sara Madalin's Sunday school teachers and I want her to remember Mrs. Melanie some day. But I also wanted a picture of the two of them for another very special reason.

About 2 or 3 weeks ago I got an email from Nana, Sara Madalin birth-grandmother. In her email she said that some special people were spending the weekend with them - people that knew us. Can you guess who was spending the weekend with them? It was Melanie and Spencer and their children. I almost couldn't believe what I learned next.

Several years ago - before Sara Madalin, before we met SM's birth family, before Melanie and Spencer were missionaries, or members of our church - they were youth ministers at Nana's church in north MS. And while they were there, Nana treated them like she does so many people. She loved them and ministered to them and took them into her home and treated them just like her children. Now, all these years later, the sweet young lady that Nana ministered to, ministers to Nana's granddaughter, all the while having no clue the connection we have to Nana.

We had no idea before that weekend that Nana and Melanie knew each other. And although I'm sure I'd mentioned Sara Madalin being adopted, Melanie didn't know who SM's birth family was or where they are from. Can you imagine her surprise as Nana started showing Melanie family pictures and giving updates on all her children and grandchildren, and she pulled out a picture of Sara Madalin? I believe her words were, according to how the story was recounted to me, "Oh my goodness. I know her. She's in my Sunday school class."

I am continually amazed at how we have seen God's hand time after time through our adoption journey. For us, this realization that God guided someone that was once ministered to by Sara Madalin's family - before she was even born - to years later minister to Sara Madalin - it is almost too much to comprehend. Nana said to me that she doesn't believe in coincidence. She - and I - believe that this line that has been drawn from their family to ours, this connection that we continue to see, it was all ordained by God. God continues to show us how adoption, our journey to adoption as well as our journey since, it was and is all part of His plan. He continues to show us that the scripture we've read and learned all our lives are more than just words on pages. They are truth. And that truth is made more real to us each time we see His hand in situations like this.

For you created my inmost being;
you knit me together in my mother's womb.
I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made;
your works are wonderful.
I know that full well.
Psalm 139:13-14

I've read these scriptures again and again. My friend and aerobics instructor even shared them as our memory verses a few weeks ago. Sometimes they've made me cry because it reminds me that no child was knit in my womb. But I see these words differently now. Our little girl was knit together in her mother's womb. Sayra is and always will be her mother. And I praise God that she was fearfully and wonderfully made for His purpose. A purpose that He's blessed us and so many others to be part of. His works are wonderful. So much more wonderful than I could ever imagine. And that... that I know full well.

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Anonymous said...

That is amazing! God definitely had His hands in your adoption! I was just told last week at Mission Friends that Melanie and her family were international missionaries and were leaving again in a couple of weeks. They have been on my mind. Do you know if there is any way we can keep up with them? I know they can not tell where they are going.

Mandy's Memories said...

What an amazing story! Our God is such an awesome God! I am a new follower and look forward to hearing about that little cutie Sara Madalin!