Mar 20, 2011

"I gonna make Papaw smile."

We weren't quite sure how to handle Mamaw's death with Sara Madalin. She knew that Mrs. Brown had been sick. But when she passed away, we just didn't know how much SM would understand. And we're still not sure. We knew she needed some explanation as to why Mamaw wasn't at her house anymore. So, Thursday night before we went to the funeral home for visitation time, Reagan told Sara Madalin that Mamaw had gone to heaven to see Jesus. She was perfectly fine with that explanation. Reagan also told her that Papaw was sad and we needed to be sweet to him. We let her see Mamaw and she said to us, "Mamaw go see Jesus." Then, for the rest of the time that she was there, she ran around from person to person playing and talking and getting candy. Reagan and I are pretty sad about the fact that Sara Madalin won't know Mamaw as all the other grandkids did. Mrs. Brown was at EVERY event her grandchildren participated in for as long as she was physically able. She told us again and again how she hated that she wouldn't be at those things for SM. I think losing that has been the saddest thing for the two of us. I know God will provide people to cheer SM on in all she does, but it still breaks our hearts that SM won't have her Mamaw there.

Saturday evening, we went back down to Mr. Brown's and met him, Susan, and David and we all went out to eat dinner. When we pulled up at Mr. Brown's house, SM said, "Papaw's sad. Mamaw not here. I gonna make Papaw smile." And she did everything in her power for the rest of the night to do just that. I took a picture of her and Papaw before we entered the restaurant. The azaleas are starting to bloom and these were so pretty.

Sara Madalin was very well behaved during dinner. It was a welcome change to her behavior earlier in the day. Let's just say, she'd had her fair share of time out and spankings before we headed to Papaw's.

Here's Pawaw, Sue-Sue and our girl after dinner. Since she was so well-behaved, she got a sucker after dinner. And then, Papaw gave her a second one when we got back to his house, along with a bag FULL of candy to take home with us.

I had to have a couple photos of those beautiful azaleas.

And here is Sara Madalin and her Sue-Sue. I was telling some family member at the funeral home how much Sara Madalin loves Sue-Sue. If she's pretending to go anywhere, or pretending to talk on the phone, it's always Sue-Sue she is going to see or Sue-Sue she's talking to.

It was good for Mr. Brown to get out. He told us of a number of things he has going on over the next week or so that will help him get out of the house and stay active. Our heart just breaks for him. They were married for 57 years.

We hope to spend time with him again over the next few weeks. And we've already asked him to think about taking a little vacation with us later in the summer. I think he would enjoy it. And I also think it would give SM plenty opportunities to make him smile.

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Penny said...

How precious that she has such a tender, sweet heart for Mr. Brown. You are raising a very special baby girl! Love that she always "talks" to Sue-Sue. I had a grandbaby that age that always "talked" to Mimi (me) on a toy phone all day~ then when I would call she'd say, "I don't feel like talking." What a trip you're on with toddlers! :)