Mar 22, 2011

"I plant dose"

My friend Jana is the best. Last Tuesday, when Reagan called to tell me he was headed to his mom and dad's because her condition had worsened, the first person I called was Jana. I asked her if she could come to our house to watch Sara Madalin for me so that I could go down there as well. She didn't ask how long I needed her, when I would be back, nothing. I asked if she could come, and she came.

When she got to our house, I gave her a few little projects that they could work on while I was gone. One project I gave them was a couple little pots and some seeds. I asked her to help SM plant them. I figured it would keep her busy for a little while at least. Jana was kind enough to take a few pics for me as they planted daisies in the little pots that came with the seeds.

I certainly hope something grows in those pots. If nothing does, I may have to go buy some potted daisies and switch them out. She waters them every day and tells me, "I plant dose."

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Jana said...

I got a feeling you and I both are going to be buying some new daises! I am not sure how many seeds actually are still in the pot!!
After we got them potted she dumped them out and said I do it again! I didn't explain the process to well in the beginning but she was having fun so that is all that mattered to me!!